Whatever happened to that "Hey There Delilah" song? Finally the true story is revealed.

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Directed/Edited/Written/Performed by:
Dustin McLean
Dustin & Priscilla McLean
Sean Puglisi
Also Starring:
André Nguyen
Sean Puglisi
Nick Walls
Will Weldon

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July 08, 2010


Hello Delilah I am writing you this song

And I just hope that people like it

And will want to sing along, I really do.

Because I wrote it just for you while feeling blue.

Hello Delilah don't you worry about my band mates,

Ditching them is probably the smartest

Thing I've ever done my whole life long.

'Cuz everyone will love this song, is that so wrong?

Oh, it's such a catchy tune
Oh, it's such a catchy tune

Oh, it's gunna be a hit
Oh, it's gunna be a hit

Hello Delilah, go turn on the radio

And chances are you'll hear this song

On every station that you know, it's a homerun.

This song will never be outdone, it's number 1

Hello Delilah, ok maybe that's enough

Perhaps it's being overplayed fo

Such a sappy piece of fluff, it's never gone.

And it's starting to make me yawn, it's always on.

Oh, it's all they ever play
Oh, it's all they ever play

Oh, they play this song all day
Oh, they play this song all day

A thousand times a day it's on,

Can they not find another song?

There's gotta be some better tunes to play.

I used to think it was real nice,

But then I heard it day and night,

I wish that I could make it go away.

Delilah I can promise you,

If I could have one wish come true

The world won't have to hear this song again and again.

Hello Delilah, haven't seen you in a while,

Just like this song you disappeared

And joined the others in the pile of "old has-beens".

And "one-hit-wonder" discount bins.

Among the other faded trends.

But I have a new Mercedes Benz instead of friends.

Oh, will someone play my song?
Please, someone play my song.

Oh, I just want to belong again,
Just want to belong, someone play my song, oh...