“Weird Al” Yankovic doesn't need a full marching band behind him to tell you your team sucks. But it definitely doesn't hurt.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Featuring: "Weird Al" Yankovic, John Schwartz, Ian Jay, Steve Jay, Brian Warwick, Brett
Warwick, and The Riverside Marching Tigers
Director/Writer/Editor: "Weird Al" Yankovic
Director/Editor: Andy Bush
Producer: Ben Sheehan
Producer/1st AD: Sean Dacanay
Production Coordinator: Eleanor Winkler
DP: Scotty G. Field
1st AC (A Cam): James Jeffrey
1st AC (B Cam): Nick Forte
2nd AC: Nick Martin
Steadi Cam Op: Dustin Heindl
Camera Op: Tansy Simpson
Jib Operator: Chris Rhodes
Asst. Jib: Gerard Henderson
Key Grip: Farisai Kambarami
Best Boy Grip: Charles Gibson
Grip: John Nodorft
Gaffer: Adam Bial
Best Boy Electric: Matt Diamond
Lighting Tech: Mike Ross
H&MU Head: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Asst. H&MU: Erin Blinn
Costumes: Emily Ting
Production Designer: Candy Lopez
Set Decorator: Ali Naqvi
PA: John Klymshyn, Aaron Majors, Dominic D'Astice, Grace Murphy
Special Thanks: Gary Locke, Paul Locke, Kurt Kilgis, The Riverside Marching Tigers and
the Riverside marching community.

(marching band music plays)
(sings) Your sports team
is vastly inferior
That simple fact is
plainly obvious to see
We're gonna kick your
collective posterior
Of course you realize
we're speaking figuratively
Our stats are
thoroughly impressive
Our coach really has
the Midas touch
Our players are fast
and strong and brave
And your guys, eh,
not so much
In fact we've played teams
across the nation
And you're the worst
one we've come across
Try to assimilate
that information
And it just might help you
cope with your impending loss
Oh, and if somehow we
are still failing
To effectively articulate
the points at hand
Allow us now to summarize
them in a manner
That your feeble brains
can understand
We're great
(we're great)
And you suck
(you suck)
We're great
(we're great)
And you suck
(you suck)
We're great
(we're great)
And you suck
(you suck)
You see there's us
(we're great)
And then there's you
(you suck)
We're really, really great
(really great)
In contrast, you really suck
(really suck)
Okay, full disclosure,
we're not that great
But nevertheless,
you suck
Your sports team will soon
suffer swift defeat
That theory's backed up
by empirical evidence
We're gonna grind up
your guys into burger meat
Again, of course, we're
speaking in the figurative sense
What's the use of even
going through the motions
When you know that
you're gonna lose anyhow
So why don't you
save us all some time
And give up now
(you suck!)