A lot of people don't know this, but Kristen Bell's body is actually covered in tattoos.
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Published January 06, 2012

Voiceover: (whispers) Exclusive.
Kristen Bell: Not a lot of people know
this about me. It's a
Kristen Bell: little trade secret from
the Hollywood sandbox. But...
Make-Up Artist Barb: Oops, missed a spot.
Kristen Bell: I think the process of
getting into character
Kristen Bell: takes a little bit - thank
you, Barb - takes a little
Kristen Bell: bit longer for me than
most other actors.
Make-Up Artist Barb: Kristen gets here about
3:30 AM every morning. It
Make-Up Artist Barb: takes about 12 to 14 hours
to cover up all of her tattoos.
Kristen Bell: Let's just say I've
accrued a lot of ink over the years.
Kristen Bell: I have 214 professional
tattoos, and nine
Kristen Bell: I've done myself.
Kristen Bell: Each piece of art
represents something different.
Kristen Bell: Taz here, represents a
whirlwind past relationship.
Kristen Bell: I have Steve Urkel on my
left shoulder blade and
Kristen Bell: Stephan Urkel on my right,
representing the duality of man.
Kristen Bell: I have a butterfly for
each year the South
Kristen Bell: African apartheid was
enacted, so that's 72 butterflies.
Interviewer: Extraordinary.
Kristen Bell: Insert gear here. That's
a dick joke.
Kristen Bell: Chinese symbols. You know,
this one means dolphin.
Kristen Bell: This one means
Kristen Bell: And I think this one
means princess.
Kristen Bell: The first tattoo I ever
got was in seventh grade.
Kristen Bell: Uh, I was like, I really
loved my headgear.
Interviewer: Do you regret any
of them?
Kristen Bell: Uh, no...well, probably
the tribal band on my
Kristen Bell: wrist. I mean, it's kind
of outdated.
Interviewer: It's really not.
Interviewer: Do you have
a favorite?
Kristen Bell: Um, yeah. This is a tattoo
of a tattooed tween
Kristen Bell: listening to the bands
Tatu and Wean on the
Kristen Bell: planet Tatooine. It's from
the Star Wars Universe.
Male: Venti mocha latte.
Kristen Bell: Thank you.
Male: I got lunch.
Male: Tofurky Jerky.
Male: Chocolates.
Barb: It's fun. It's fun.
Barb: Can I get three more
of these?
Barb: Okay, finito.
Kristen Bell: Thank you. (laughs)
Male: Great. Let's get
Kristen to wardrobe.
Kristen Bell: Great, how do I look?
Male: Good.
(dramatic music)
Kristen Bell: I thought I was the one
saving you, Spot. But I
Kristen Bell: guess it was you
who saved me.
Director: And cut. That's it.
That's a wrap for the day.
Director: Thanks, Kristen.
Kristen Bell: Thanks, guys. I'm gonna go
shower for five hours.
Interviewer: What's the longest you've
been in makeup for a film?
Kristen Bell: Um...15 hours. But, that's
because while they were
Kristen Bell: covering me up, I was
getting fresh ink.
Kristen Bell: Oh that's tits.