Bloody hell - let's figh absurdity with absurdity. Rock on. Enjoy the bloody mess of THE CRIMSON TIDE IS COMING...

Full Credits

Written by Reena Dutt
Co-Directed by Heather de Michele and Reena Dutt
Edited by Heather de Michele
FX Edited by Trevor Carlee
Music by Russel Weiner
Voice Over by Carla Tassara
Our Actors…
Robin Dalea
Jennifer Weaver
Diarra Kilpatrick
Joe Roche
Bruno Oliver
Anna Fitz
Dan Wingard
Erin Flemming
Carmen Mitchell
Reena Dutt
Sylvie Zamora
Joshua Cole
Our Crew…
Ashley Hillard
Heather de Michel
Reena Dutt
Jennifer Weaver
Carmen Elena Mitchel
Luis Reyes
Malo Elfman
A Very Special Thank You …
Kenny Gagiulo
Stacey Weaver
Steve Yager