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Full Credits

Starring Susan Sarandon, Casey Wilson & Steve Agee
Also Featuring: Tymberlee Hill, Drew Droege, James Pumphrey, Melissa Stephens & Willy Roberts
Written by Melissa Stephens and JC Coccoli
Produced by Ally Hord, JC Coccoli, Melissa Stephens and Laura Wilcox
Director: Aaron Moles
Cinematographer - Nate Cornett
Hair/Makeup - Chanel
Editor - Paul Cibis
Art Director and WMD product curator - Cat Solen
Sound - Dan Murrell
Crew - Aaron Kunkel
Costumes - Willy Roberts
Director - Paul Briganti
DP - Antonio Scarlata
Producer - Laura Willcox
Gaffer - Zachary Poots
Sound - Harris Karlin
Art Director - Carmen Albano
Prompter Op - Nate Bennett
PA - Ryan Rigley & Tracy Soren
Studio Manager - Liam

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