You thought you knew The Secret?

Full Credits

Directed by Alison Martin, Maureen Muldoon, Dave Oliver
Written by Alison Martin, Maureen Muldoon
Editing/Special Effects - Dave Oliver
Director of Photography Jeff Jackson
Woman in her darkest hour-Joanne O'Brien
Kwan Yin- Kim Ball
Rabbi- Jerry Sroka
Earnest Hunt- Tim Bagley
Joeseph Witherspoon - Joe O'Connor
Tabitha Luckett - Mindy Sterling
Rev. Ike Abraham Micheals - Tom Silcott
Stan (the every man) - Dan Hagen
Ceptembre Sage Weller - Mariette Hartley
Dr. Reggie Nam Myoho - Alan Blumenfeld
Sean- Ray Marshall
Juanita- Athena Lisette
The stuck guy/ client- Dave Oliver
The Genie- Will Schaub
and introducing Patricia Maynard as Officer R.H. Hass, the exploding metermaid