Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U' Know) tells us what we can do about the NSA wiretapping our phones.
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(whoosh sound)
Trevor: Hi, I'm Trevor Moore.
Due to the recent revelation
that in order to fight terrorism,
the NSA has been using
a secret court order
to spy on every single
Verizon and AT&T customer.
Americans have become
outraged and concerned
about their rights to privacy.
But along with that concern
comes a feeling of hopelessness.
I mean, what can we do?
Vote in new leaders?
Well, the problem is
that during an election,
each candidate pretends
to not be an asshole.
Then when they get the job,
they reveal they've actually been
a complete asshole this entire time.
Just look at these people they're going to
let us pick from in 2016 ...
You think that they're not
going to be giant assholes?
Nope, elections are of no use.
The only way to fight back against
our country's excessive wiretapping
and data mining is to make it irrelevant.
That's why we're launching "Operation:
Everyone Talk Like A
Terrorist All The Time".
If we all openly discuss terrorist plots
in each of our phone conversations,
then eavesdropping on
those phone conversations
becomes pointless.
It's simple, we just need to work
it into our daily vernacular.
For example, instead of
saying, "I love you,"
you could describe a terror attack.
The larger the scale, the
more you love the person.
Girl: Hi Mom, I just got out of school.
Can you pick me up?"
Mom: I'll be there in 15 minutes.
Leave the truck bomb to
blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.
Girl: I'm mailing Anthrax to Piers Morgan.
Trevor: Or nonsense about
God's will being great
could mean "affirmative"
while horseshit about
multi-culuralism could me "negative".
Man: Hey man, they have a 7:30 show ...
you think you can make it in time?
Man: God is merciful
as well as unchanging.
Did you already get me a ticket?
Man: Anti-race is really
just good for anti-white,
did you want me to?
Man: Those that don't live
by God's law deserve death
since I'm kinda tight on time?
Man: All right, I'm going to set off
a pipe bomb at Disneyland.
Man: Flying a Cessna into the Sears Tower.
Trevor: And those are just a few examples.
You can make up your
own. Have fun with it.
But it's time for us to stand up and
protect our rights because those assholes
aren't going to.
I'm gonna set off a nuke
at the MTV Movie Awards.