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- The year 2011
- What a year it was.
- Ahh!
Oprah Winfrey says "Enough's enough"
and walks off her show
never to be heard from again.
- President Bob Dole declares Martin Luther King Day
a federal holiday.
But there was some other things, as well, Funny or Die.
- Funny or Die keeps cranking right along.
There was, uh, Billy Crystal's "When Harry Met Sally"
- Spleen?
- I don't feed between meals.
- I'll roll down the window.
- And, a little video starring Don Cheadle?
- Captain Planet.
- Human tree, tree,
tree tree tree tree!
- You know what's funny, this is one
of the first times, I don't know about you, Will,
but I started noticing generation gap
because I did not grow up watching Captain Planet.
- No, no.
- And didn't know what it was.
- Had no idea how to be educated on that.
- Yes! That's the first time we felt like old guys
and, uh, we came in and yelled at the staff
and said "You don't make us feel old",
"You don't make us feel mortal"
and everyone was really quiet.
- You could hear a pin drop.
- In fact, we picked up a pin.
- A pin like this.
- Yeah.
(pin dropping)
- We also had, uh, President Bush,
played by moi.
- Oh, it's fun when you say "moi".
- I've personally overseen a strategic
and covert operation
that killed the gopher
who's been tearing up my backyard.
- Wasn't that co-written by Chris Kelly
who's now a head writer of Saturday Night Live?
One of the fun things about Funny or Die
is that we have all these really talented people
who come through here.
- But we've had some real nasty characters, as well.
- Some people who have
been convicted of assault,
attempted manslaughter,
arson, uh,
right now we have between 20 and 30 people
in LA County lockups, San Clemente,
so, there's the good and the bad
to Funny or Die and I think
that's part of what we love about it.
- And there's nothing you can do about it, anyway.
- Well, there are somethings, and we've argued about this,
you could do background checks.
- Can't, you just can't.
- Which Will refuses to do.
- It's too much time and effort.
- You could also have some basic rules around the offices,
like no schedule 1 narcotics.
- But we're rule,
we're the rule breakers, so, why have rules?
- Yeah, but certain kind of rules we want to break,
not rules that put people in danger.
We've had this argument before,
we'll let it go.
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