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Jeff Foxworthy
Phil Painter
Esau Hamadanyan
Jordan Rockowner
Rachel Crowe
Ishmael Sahid
Ele Woods
Geoffrey James
Olivia Norman
Eli Lutsky
Kyle Helf
Connie Shin
Producer: Sean Boyle
Writer / director: Jon Millstein
Editors: Hannah Levy & Brad Schulz
Graphics: Shawn James
DP: Matt Sweeney
Cam Op: Aaron Ulrich
Sound (LA): Matt Kendrick

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[male in voiceover]
In 1993, Jeff Foxworthy's,
"You Might Be A Redneck" album
delighted crowds who wanted
jokes about their world.
Now, there's a Jeff Foxworthy
for the Millennial Generation.
And his name is
Jeff Upworthy.
Got a lot of people not knowing
if they're Millennial's or not.
Try this out.
If you take Uber to
your job as a Lyft driver,
you might be a Millennial.
[male in voiceover]
Get ready to laugh as Upworthy
puts a microscope
to today's culture,
and shows us the funny.
[Jeff] So the other day,
I'm chillin' out with my roommate,
and he's like,
"Dude, I don't know if
I'm a Millennial anymore."
And I'm like, dude if you go to
AA meetings for binge watching,
yes, you might
be a Millennial.
If you know the meaning
of all of the letters of LGBTQ,
and you still think it's
missing some letters,
you might be a Millennial.
If you look at the app
menu at T.G.I. Friday's,
and wonder why
you don't see Spotify,
you might
be a Millennial.
Like wait,
what am I talking about.
A Millennial at Friday's?
That's not a thing.
[male in voiceover]
Rest assure,
like a Millennial's computer,
Upworthy is always on.
[Jeff] Sorry, if you are texting
somebody in the middle of your show,
you might be
a Millennial--
Hold up this is important.
[male in voiceover]
And nothing that comes out of
his mouth that's not current.
[Jeff] That feeling when
your post gets zero likes...
[ crowd laughs ]
I love that joke,
but full disclosure,
I gotta confess,
I aggregated it
from my friend.
I guess that makes
me a Millennial.
[male in voiceover]
The reviews are in.
NowThis says,
"Upworthy offers a fresh voice
that is both
hilarious and insightful."
[ soft ♪ ♪ ]
I believe,
that everybody,
regardless of their background
should have an equal
opportunity to pursue their dreams,
and make them
come true.
And if you
believe that too,
you may be a Millennial!
[male in voiceover]
And NowThis Goofy says,
"It doesn't get more
Millennial than this."
[Jeff] That's like
gender to me. Fluid!
The other day I was
filling out a job resume,
and I had emoji's on it.
Oh my gosh. What am I doing?
[male in voiceover]
Jeff Upworthy's
You Might Be A
Millennial Comedy Tour.
Streaming now on Boost Mobile's
original content platform YoungTube,
on tablet PCs.
[Jeff] I love my
dang peers.
You guys are
the greatest.
[male in crowd] Hey-hey!
That's Jeff Foxworthy!
[Jeff] I'm not Jeff Foxworthy.
I'm Jeff Upworthy.
He lied to us!
He's old!
[male in voiceover]
Tickets and downloads of Upworthy's
You Might Be A Millennial cannot
be refunded after you discover Upworthy is
an adult man in a teen's costume.
[ crowd yells, "Old nerd!" ]
We're Millennial!