The Bensonhurst Spelling Bee is where all of the world's best spellers come to spell words.

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Starring: Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Lorraine Bracco, Tony Sirico, Michael Consuelos, Robert Crystal, Alexa Barino
Writer and Director: Lauren Palmigiano
Producer: Michelle Fox, Mike Prall, Alon Simcha, Brian Whitton
DP: Paul Rondeau
B Cam Operator: Chris Prine
Gaffer: Nathan Danilczuk
Grip: Sean Mannion
Sound: Ryan King
Art Director: Mac Pohanka
Wardrobe: Molly Youker
Hair and Makeup Artist: Christy McCabe
Key PA: Aleks Arcabascio
Editor: Andy Maxwell
Thugs: Eddy Privitzer, John Merolla
Extras: Madeline Hennessy, Rosemary Hennessy, Jessica Davies, Allison Davies, Alissa Cavallaro, Patti Cavallaro, Eric Barsanti, Lori Barino, Daniel Castro, Camilla Consuelos, Saul Consuelos, Jenny Cruz, Aida Diaz, Amy Erlanger, Lynne Erlanger, Jayleen Fabian, Alexandra Figlivolo, Christine Figlivolo, Georgine La Serna, Adriana Maiella, Natalia Maiella, Juliana Maiella, Nicole Pepe, Carmine Sirico
Special Thanks: Albert Bianchini, C.C. Hirsch, Irene Sanchez, PS 15


[Music Playing]
Tony Sirico: We've reached the final round of the Bensonhurst Italian Spelling Bee.
Tony Sirico: In just a few minutes, one of these little Scungio's will be king of the neighborhood. Or queen.
Lorraine Bracco: [inaudible] If you should be so lucky to win, your prize is gonna be a beautiful meatball Parmesan from the Spumoni Gardens.
Tony Sirico: [kissing sound] Michael, you're up.
:00:25.000 --: 0:00:27.000
Mark Consuelos: Why is he wearing a track suit, and he's wearin' a big chain.
Kelly Ripa: Shh!
Tony Sirico: Your word is mutzadel.
Michael Consuelos: Mutzadel. Can you use it in a sentence, please?
Lorraine Bracco: Jimmy, can you put some more mutzadel on my pizza before I smack ya?
Michael Consuelos: Mutzadel. M-U-T-Z-A-D-E-L, mutzadel.
Tony Sirico: That's correct!
Lorraine Bracco: Woo!
:00:49.000 --: 00:50.000
Mark Consuelos: That was wrong.
Kelly Ripa: What? That's how Italians spell mutzadel.
Mark Consuelos: That's not even how Italians say it. It's mozzarella.
Lorraine Bracco: Anthony, please step forward.
Tony Sirico: Your word is brahjzoot.
Mark Consuelos: What?
Robert Crystal: Can I have the origin of the word?
Lorraine Bracco: The origin of the word is from Borough Park in Brooklyn.
Robert Crystal: Brahjzoot. B-R
Mark Consuelos: I think that man's trying to say prosciutto.
Robert Crystal: A-H
Kelly Ripa: Shh!
Robert Crystal: J-Z-O-O-T. Brahjzoot.
Tony Sirico: That's correct!
Lorraine Bracco: Woo!
Mark Consuelos: That wasn't even close.
Kelly Ripa: This is their culture!
Tony Sirico: Antoinette, you're next. Your word, little Snooki, is madanad.
Alexa Barino: Can I have the definition, please?
Lorraine Bracco: Madanad is the stuff your mother cooks for five hours every Sunday.
Alexa Barino: Madanad. M-A-D-A
Mark Consuelos: All right, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say something.
Kelly Ripa: Please, don't.
Alexa Barino: N-A-D. Madanad.
Tony Sirico: That's right!
Mark Consuelos: There is no "D" in marinara.
Kelly Ripa: You know, as sexy as you are, when you say marinara it makes my skin crawl.
Mark Consuelos: Excuse me!
Kelly Ripa: [Gasp] I don't know you.
Mark Consuelos: I'm sorry, but this is all wrong.
Lorraine Bracco: What?
Tony Sirico: You got a problem?
Mark Consuelos: No! No, I, I'm Michael's father, the, the kid with the headband and the tracksuit. You're spelling all these words they're just, they're just wrong.
Tony Sirico: Oh? See, this guy sittin' in the audience, who doesn't look an ounce Italian, has got a problem with the way we spell the words that my grandfather brought here from Sicily?!
Mark Consuelos: No, no, it's just that my son...
Lorraine Bracco: Nobody asked you your opinion! What's wrong with you?!
Mark Consuelos: Look, I don't, I don't want any problems. We, we, we just wanna...
Lorraine Bracco: We?! 'Scuse me, lady, you wit' him?
Kelly Ripa: No. I don't know this stunad. [smacks arm]
Mark Consuelos: Okay, look, it's just that it's...
Tony Sirico: I got an idea. If you don't like what you see, I can get my friends Pauly and Carmine over here to take you outside and, uh, see if they can change your mind.
Mark Consuelos: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down!
Michael Consuelos: Dad! Stop messin' around! He's really cool you guys. He's got some big stugas talkin' to you guys that way, huh?
Tony Sirico: You was kiddin'?
Mark Consuelos: Oh, yeah! Are you kiddin' me?
Tony Sirico: [Laughs]
Mark Consuelos: Yeah!
Mark Consuelos: Pasta fazul!
Lorraine Bracco: Good for you! You was real funny!
Tony Sirico: Like Ray Ramano. I like you!
:03:01.000 --: 0:03:03.000
Lorraine Bracco: [Laughs] Okay, where were we?
Tony Sirico: The next word is sangwitch.
[Music Playing]