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Part 2 of my "Sexy Spec's Grind Off Contestant #1" vid. Co starring... more »
Published July 31, 2010 3.8k views More Info ยป
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Please Subscribe To These Chanells A.S.A.P. Be My Friend On FaceBook! Follow Me On Twitter Follow Brely Evans on Twitter "Invented Snacks" Parody of "Invented Sex" by Trey Songs featuring Usher & Keri Hilson Big gurl (8x) I wanna go home wit a big pretty girl. Wich one of yall? Wears big drawers. Itz a Keith mix bout eatin ( Keefy Baby, Chubby lovin thick man) 1st Verse Normally I get the small fries But Tonight I'm gonna supasize. Suck them rolls up on ya neck Now & Laters on deck OOoooh girl my beef jerky got you sweating now You a fat girl I got snacks girl Meet me upstairs, so I can feed you eclairs Keep that Moo Moo on. Take them bloomers off Lets Face it. Were both Overweight I got that oven Preheated Plate is full of snacks & Tasty treats so you can eat it Wolf these snacks down, Like a fat cow OOOOOOH! (Pass The gravy. Now normally I pour it on bisquits but ummm) Wich one of yall? Wich two of yall? Wich two of yall wanna fat motherfucker?! Chorus When I walk over to the fridge. Bring a plate to the bed. Girl What You Drink? Girl What You Drink? Girl What You Drink? Girl What You Drink? I'm lovin your thunder thighs Your blood sugar's gonna rise Girl what you drink? Girl what you drink. I'm a make a steak I'm a bake a cake & make you think I reinvented snacks. ( yup, yup, yup) You gone think I invented snacks ( Cuz aint no chubby brother gonna feed ya like I feed ya) I invented snacks! End Written by:keithfromupdablock