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Starring Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver and Andy Fickman
Written and Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Featuring Melissa Szilagyi
Edited by Ian Sklaski
Special Thanks Andrew Runyon, Elliot Dickerhoof & Kris Eber

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August 23, 2010


Kristen Bell: ...And it is, it really is. At the end of the day it's that deep-seeded pain that forces their desire to fight back. They still want revenge on these girls. It's almost primal. It's like if you have a group of monkeys...
Andy Fickman: Uh, sorry, sorry, Kristen, can you emphasize the comedic element?
Kristen Bell: Sure.
Andy Fickman: Great.
Kristen Bell: I just, I think the audience should understand where we're coming from, or know our motivations. I think it's, it's paramount because it's so relate-able.
Andy Fickman: I'm the director, and I just want people to know it's a comedy. So, I think you...
Kristen Bell: Why do you always have to announce your position? I know you're the director. I don't walk around saying I am the actor.
Betty White: Because nobody would believe her if she did. [Laughs]
Kristen Bell: What?
Odette Yustman: Nothing. [Laughs]
Kristen Bell: Betty, do you have something that you want to say to me?
Betty White: Odette and I were saying that the waste of time how you won't stop talking.
Odette Yustman: I-I actually didn't say that.
Betty White: Well, we were all thinking it. Show of hands of everybody who thinks Kristen just goes on and on and yammers and yammers.
Kristen Bell: Okay, fine. Fine. I'll stop. That's good. See how well the movie does without it's biggest star promoting it.
Sigourney Weaver: [Laughs] Biggest star. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.
Betty White: Nailed it!
Odette Yustman: Actually, we all know that Betty is the biggest star of the film.
Sigourney Weaver: Well, actually, if we're gonna go by box office totals...
Kristen Bell: If you say Avatar...
Sigourney Weaver: If I say the word Avatar, Kristen, what?! Avatar! Avatar! Alien! Ghostbusters!
Betty White: You might be a quarter of my age, but I will take you down.
Odette Yustman: Yeah, you know what?
Kristen Bell: Why is there any reason to take me down? I'm not...
Odette Yustman: No!
Sigourney Weaver: Working Girl!
Kristen Bell: I, I'm not...
Sigourney Weaver: Ice Storm!
Kristen Bell: There's no reason...
Odette Yustman: No reason?
Kristen Bell: Just listen to me for a second. You know what? We are so tight on this we cannot resort...
Betty White: Yammering! All she does is yammer!
Sigourney Weaver: Heartbreak.
Kristen Bell: We need to be respecting each other. We are actors. Not animals.
Sigourney Weaver: We are living dangerously.
Betty White: I wish we were animals! And you, my dear, are the cackling hyena of the animal world!
Kristen Bell: Okay, that's uncalled for!
Andy Fickman: Ladies! Ladies!
Sigourney Weaver: WALL-E.
Andy Fickman: Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Ladies. Please. Please. Ladies, we had so much fun making this movie. Huh? Let's not let today spoil it. You're beautiful, you're talented women, great friends. Come on, please. Let's start over. Let's start over? Please?
Kristen Bell: Thank you, Andy. If I can just add, it really is a shame that from after, after spending three months together...
Odette Yustman: Wow, I'm done.
Kristen Bell: We can't, what? We...
Andy Fickman: She can't shut up.
Kristen Bell: We can't just... That was crazy! You've been in this business a long time. I'm sure you've seen it, though. Women just, sometimes gang up on other women. No, for no reason. You know?
Betty White: Oh, there's always a reason.
Sigourney Weaver: Avatar!