Tony Soprano is living with his mother and dealing with the issues of love, family, and honor. A short film by Dax Litto, Scott A. Smith
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Cayman Grant, Vince Brocato, Leslie Simms, Melvis Dupree, Michele Gregory, George Brumbly, Vinny Raso, Joe Janiak (Open Road Video), Leo Matranga, Vito Giovannelli, Patsy Perriello, Kris Deskins, Annette Summersett (Pretty Girl Brett Farve Farewell Video), Vinnie Santino, Vincet Oliver, John Murgo (cooking cursing italian video), Karen Zander, Frank Yabrra, Victoria Bentley, Debbie Jensen, Chris Martin, Dax Litto.
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Published: May 13, 2008