With Hannah Montana ending on Disney soon, critically acclaimed actor Joe Mantegna... more »
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Joe Mantegna
Featuring: Mitchel Musso, Andie Bolt, Amy Vorpahl, Erin Gibson, Blake Walker
Director - Jim Harmon
Writer/Producer - Matt Manser
Director of Photography - Marlon Duarte
Voiceover: Ben Siemon
Gaffer - Katheryn Rupert
Best Boy - Christian Duarte
Costume Designer - Malia Miyashiro
Wardrobe Assistant - Clara Alcott
Production Assistant - Ivan Duarte
Graphic Design - Phillip Wilburn
Craft Services - Gabrielle Thomas 
Special Thanks: Extreme
Tambourine, Eugene Cordero, and Emo Philips
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