Documentary of a true story about standup comedy a stand-up Asian-American... more »
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Published: April 17, 2010
It took 15 years to Document this. The Truth of how difficult it is for an Asian American comedian trying to make it in the real world of Entertainment in the show business. Started documenting back in 1986 until 2000. Peter Chen's 15 years of work. Submitted for several film festivals and got number one two years in a row.
Shows about the real process of Stand Up Comedy world. Viewers will learn the cost involved in the process, the slow progress of the stand up comedy work in progress and the environment, of the comedy circuit, the pros and cons of the Comedy business, the hardship, the sacrifice and the passion, facing them and over coming them, because there are so many obstacles and limitations.
There are lots of interviews with many other comedians and friends from many many different standup comedy shows all edited together.