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Bobby Bottleservice (Nick Kroll) and Peter Papparazzo (Jon Daly) embark on another... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Nick Kroll & Jon Daly
Featuring: Ian Ziering, Pauly Shore, Fred Durst, Christian Audigier, Tom Sizemore, Pat O'Brien, Aubrey O'Day, Kulap Vilaysack & Brittny Gastineau
Written by Nick Kroll & Jon Daly
Director - Jonathan Krisel
Producer - Mike Farah
Executive Producer - Christian Audigier
Producer for Ed Hardy - Armen Ohannesian
Also featuring:
Doctor - Carl Crudup
Mother w/ Stroller - Sharaé Nikai
Kid at Arcade - Ari Skye
Motor Cycle Girl - April Stirton
Apartment Girls - Lelah Goodine, Ivana Rojas, Marissa Rojas, Jillian Yoccum
Mr. Durst's Stunt Double - Owen Burke
Asst. Director - Josh Cohen
Camera - Ben Berman, Benji Bakshi, Dave Jones
Assistant Editor - Dan Longino
Special Effects - Eric Notarnicola
Graphic Artist - Artack Boroyan
Co-producer - Chris Bruss
Associate Producer - Sean Boyle
Production Coordinator - Michelle Fox
Production Design - Alexi Gomez & Katie Byron
Costume Design - Janicza Bravo
Hair & Make-up - Kat Bardot Makeup provided by MAC
Make up Assistant: Kira Von Sutra
Makeup provided by MAC
Sound - Bo Sundberg
Special Thanks: Kendra James, Nicole Narain, Omarosa, John Schneider, Gabe Karon, Christian Audigier and the Ed Hardy Nation.
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