When a black man in America dares to enjoy an ice cream cone on his lawn, a cop... more »

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August 27, 2014


♪ ♪
Mm, I love ice cream.
Oh, Hi officer. Is everything ok?
What are you
doing on this premises?!
-This is where i live...
-[officer scoffs]
Don't get smart.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
What are you doing
on this private premises?!
This is my private premises.
I live here, and i'm eating an
ice cream cone.
-[intense music]
I'm not buying it.
And you're not cooperating.
-I got a possible robbery
in progress at 1-0-niner--
Suspect looks to
be 6 foot 8 inches tall.
I'm 5'11".
He's got an athletic build,
and looks to be about 220 to
pounds, and...
he's African American.
Okay, alright, you know
officer I'm not sure if there
was a robbery,
or something here recently,
but I assure you I've been sitting
here on this stoop
for the past 45 minutes,
eating this ice cream cone,
and it had like 10 scoops on it.
-Drop the weapon!
-Whoa, whoa!
How did you...
Sir, this is clearly a
delicious ice cream cone.
I think you're over reacting.
Drop it!
Suspect is armed and dangerous.
He has a weapon he
probably stole from a local business.
Okay, so now not only
is my ice cream a weapon,
but you think I stole it?
He pulled off a heist.
I need back up here immediately.
-What did i do?
-You had an ice cream cone you
-tried to kill me with.
That will stand
up in a court of law.
-There's not a court in the land
that will convict me
from blowing your head off.
-Every court would.
-Hey, I will kill you.
Do you understand that?
[shotgun cocking]
Put your hands in the air.
A ghillie suit, really?
What is this, Call of Duty?
I said, put your hands in the air!
-Put both hands in the air.
-My left arm is paralyzed.
Suspect has left arm
paralyzed due to gang activity.
-I paralyzed my left arm in Iraq.
-Suspect is paralyzed
due to possible terrorist activity.
[door closes]
-[Male #1]: Dude, I love ice cream.
Why are you doing this?
[lament music]
[Officer]: Shit.
I need to calm the fuck down.
[slowly exhales]
[Male #2]: A message from
the unarmed black men of America.