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Full Credits

Starring Jim Cummings
Director, Writer, Editor - Matt Mazany
Director of Photography - Ryan Ovadia
Animation - Pat Bishop
Additional Editor - Ian Skalski
Sound - Danny Carpenter and Botwon Sound
Make Up - Jennifer Osborne
Production Assistant - Ben Parks, Aaoron Kee
Producer - Betsy Koch, Sean Boyle, Jason Carden, Matt Mazany


->Hello everyone.I have to keep my perfect peepers peeled!A clue.Gosalyn!Oh bother.(Tasmanian Devil sounds)Well, I don't know, Gosalyn.(blows raspberry)Darkwing Duck was always known for his snappy dialogue,Since I feel not a bit of fear,Prepare to be bushed, do-gooder!You are all washed up!Did somebody order fried duck?You're just a quack-in-the-box with a broken spring!Darkwing Duck, would you prepare to--No, hold on, wait a minute.Darkwing Duck, pre--No, whoa, that stinks.Darkwing Duck, we--Oh, nope.Darkwing Duck! Would y--Um, crap.