Katherine Heigl launches her campaign to help save the world... by eliminating testicles.

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Starring Katherine Heigl
Featuring Josh Kelley & Derek Theler
Written & Directed by Alex Fernie
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Edited by Pat Bishop
Director of Photography: Mike Manasewitsch
First AC: Nathan Cornett
Behind the Scenes Camera Operator: Michael Burke
First AD: Ryan Lacen
Second AD: Jake Gilbert
Gaffer: Raul Fernandez
Best Boy Electric: Liz Yarqwood
Key Grip: Sanjiv Solanki
G&E Swing: Brigitte Bartholdi
Sound Mixer: Ryan Kaiser
Art Director: Flower Cole
Set Dresser: Laura Harper
Graphics & Animation: Andy Maxwell
Costumer: Alisha Silverstein
Hair & Makeup: David Babaii & Angela Levin
Still Photographer: Tiffany Roohani
Production Assistants: Ross Buran, Michael Hyman, Parker Seaman
Special thanks: Nancy Heigl, Meg Heigl-Beltran, Jack Kingsrud, Norm Aladjem, Jackie Drolet, Catherine Olim, Phillip Gharabegian, Kathy Davis, Michelle Fox, Joe Farrell, Patrick Starzan, Carolyn Prousky, Jill Fritzo, Todd Goldman, & Keith Follett


Low voice: Exclusive.
Katherine: Hi. I'm movie start and
Maximum 100 member Katherine Heigl.
Many people may know that I work
with the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation
promoting animal causes.
Specifically, the neutering and the ...
well the neutering of dogs and cats.
Lot of people say to me Katherine,
you promote neutering so much,
you must really love animals.
I'm like, yeah, their okay, I guess.
The real reason I'm so
pro-neutering is I hate balls.
I really do.
You're probably thing,
she's just being cute.
She must mean tennis
balls or yoga balls. Nope.
I mean testicles.
Terrible, terrible testicles.
Unfortunately, I can cut
the nuts off human men.
So, I dedicated my time to neutering
of dogs, cause that's legal.
This is Jazzy. (laughing)
He's 100% adorable,
but because he's been neutered.
Before, he was only 98% adorable
and 2% dangley disgusting balls.
Seems like an improvement to me.
Wont' you join me on this quest.
Balls are (throwing up sound) oh God.
I'm sorry. I just pictured them.
I've prepared a list of
the pros and cons of nuts.
Let's start with the cons. Shall we?
Their jiggly. They look awful shaved.
Their size fluctuates
unpredictabley, of course,
they look awful unshaved.
Their crinkly and wrinkly
like an old muppet.
Hitler and John Wayne Gacy came
from them, and so on and so on.
This is just, of course, a partial list.
Now, on to the pros.
Bam. Their are none.
(sound of hitting)
Oh yeah.
To be clear, I don't hate men.
Heck, I don't even hate penises.
(laughing) You're okay by me little guy.
You listen to me crotch plums.
Katherine Heigl is coming for you.
You better watch out, because
when I rule the world, snip, snip.
(thump sound)
Oh yeah! God.
That felt great.
So, do your part to help fight
the good fight against balls,
thigh knockers, and jockey jockey's.
Have your pet spayed or neutered,
and go to I hate balls dot com
for great anti-ball merchandise.
And, absolutely, no nut picks. I promise.
Please text snip to the
number 20222 to donate $5,
or text fixit to the
number 20222 to donate $10,
and help us support spay
neuter programs that
save lives by preventing more
pet from entering our shelters.
Message and [gator] rates may apply.
We accept no responsibility
for any mental or emotional
harm this video has caused
by making your picture balls.
Male: Hey Kattie Cakes.
Katherine: Yeah.
Male: I was thinking about
going out with the boys tonight,
and, uh, I really would
like to have balls back.
Katherine: Ooh! Honey.
Male: Zinger.
Katherine: That's twice in one week.
Male: Yeah. It's just for
one night baby. Come on.
Come one just for one night.
Katherine: Oh well. All
right. Lucky your so cute.
Male: Thank you so much.
(guitar music)