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Discount Property dot NET dot NZ started out in 2007 without a website or even a trading name as a boutique property finding service for serious investors in the New Zealand market. These investors didn’t just want a simple property finding service they also wanted someone that would do the research, pick out the growth areas in New Zealand and who would then become a market expert in that area. They wanted someone who could find the good deals and then negotiate extremely well to be able to bring them the big discounts and/or big yields. The business has now become so successful that they’ve had to implement new systems to be able to effectively manage and consult with all of the Buyer’s that are interested in their properties.

Because they maintain close relationships with various Property Professionals in many different industries they’ve got people in the trenches so to speak. They see the movement in the Property Industry when it happens, usually before it happens. Based on some indicators in play at the moment they strongly believe that there’s going to be movement in the Auckland City and fringe apartment market in the very near future. So while Discount Properties source property all over country they are mostly interested in Auckland and are especially focused on the Auckland City apartment market. 

Discount Properties sees price as their point of difference from the other Property Finders in the market. The price that they are able to source property for is very impressive and then the price that they pass these deals onto their Buyer’s at is as equally impressive. They don’t go for big margins and this really allows them to pass on the great deals that gives them a lot of happy and repeat clients.
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