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December 07, 2010


do i have to get naked for you people to remember my name
its Fred Nomasters

seems the only way i can get views on youtube is to strip naked
i wonder why youtube hasnt blocked it yet

but dont! vote! for the lesser of 2 evils

If you like Wheels Off Liberty better
dont vote for Free Talk Live
dont fuel Ian's ego
its already big enough

besides voting doesnt have any legitimacy
i dont care what anyone says
wheels off liberty is the best damn podcast

you dont see freedomain radio telling school sucks fans to vote for stefan
do i have enough verses yet oh yeah

its not that voting is evil
its the whole concept of a social contract
that voting or not voting implies consent
im sorry but if youre in an alleyway and
2 guys asked you to pick one of them
to screw you up the ass
would it be consent if you picked the one with a little dick
especially when they both have little dicks
either way youre getting raped