The first episode of The Donny Clay Show stars Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison..

Full Credits

Starring Jason Alexander, Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison
Created and Written by Jason Alexander and Peter Tilden
Director: Alex Fernie
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Adam Silver
Editor: Peter Lazarus
Camera Op: Zach Zdziebko & Matt Sanders
Art: Ellie del Campo & Martin Vallejo
Makeup: Megan Nicoll
Sound: Steve Pallow
PA: Andrew Grissom


Voiceover: He's America's
th leading life coach,
self-help guru and motivational master.
The man with the answers.
Here's Donny Clay!
Donny: Judgement.
We're always judging, aren't we?
People, places,
experiences, relationships.
And that's why I, Donny
Clay, do not judge.
You know who I don't like?
Dr. Phil because he's kind
of a judgey guy, isn't he?
Very quick with the judgments.
You may have thought that was a judgement.
It's not.
That was an observation.
Today I'm gonna be working with 2 people
who have been at the center
of a lot of judgement lately.
year old media
sensation, Courtney Stoddin
and her father, Doug Hutchison.
Welcome to the Donny Clay Show.
Courtney: Thank you.
Doug: I'm not her father.
I'm her husband.
Donny: So you 2 kids are married, are you?
Courtney: Yes, May 2011.
Donny: Oh! Oh my, oh my.
Well, Courtney, you were
a 17 year old bride.
Courtney: 16.
Donny: Holy shit. (beep)
We'll edit that out. (laughing)
Doug: Yeah, Courtney and I,
we're just very much in love.
I'm sure you can tell
just by that picture.
Can we put that picture up, guys?
Donny: Yeah, yeah.
I see what you mean, Doug.
I like what I'm seeing there.
Courtney: Yeah.
Donny: Where was this picture taken?
Doug: Uh, my Uncle Stevie's funeral.
Donny: Let's me honest. You know.
People can be cruel as I've said
and what we have to do
is we have to fortify this relationship.
We have to make it so strong
that no amount of judgement
can possibly harm you 2 kids.
So, let's go ahead and
fortify this relationship
right now, you ready to do some work?
Doug: Let's go, Donny.
Courtney: Let's do it.
Donny: Now, Courtney.
You did something very brave recently.
You went on the Dr. Drew Show.
Courtney: I did.
Donny: And allowed him to do an ultrasound
of your bosom to prove that they are
as God intended them to be.
Courtney: Right.
Donny: But I don't want to do that.
I'm not that crass.
I don't care about your breasts.
I mean, they're lovely. They're lovely.
Courtney: Thank you.
Donny: But I don't care about them.
Courtney: Okay.
Donny: What I care about is
the quality of your heart.
Courtney: That's sweet.
... on my iPhone
and if I may, I'm gonna use this
to just find out what's in the quality
Courtney: Okay.
Donny: I can't tell.
Which side should I be on?
Doug: It's on the left side.
Donny: Not this side?
Doug: No.
Donny: Not this side.
This side over here?
Doug: Yeah, it's right down there.
Donny: All righty then.
Donny: Let me see, I'm getting-
That's great. I'm getting a lot.
Are you getting anything?
Courtney: Um?
Donny: No. Oh, that's interesting.
I'm not getting anything here.
I got full bars right here.
Donny: Tell me why you love her, Doug.
Doug: I love you because
you captured my heart
and I love your spirit.
Donny: No, and!
No, I'm sorry.
That's the kind of
response anybody can have.
Let me do something for you.
Let me-, I'm gonna role play
for a moment, all right?
Doug: Okay.
Donny: I'm not gonna be Donny now.
I'm gonna be Doug.
Courtney, I love you because
I know that I could take
you behind this couch
and have at you in a number of ways.
Courtney: Mm!
Donny: You see the reaction I get
when I talk as Doug?
Courtney: Yeah.
Donny: Could you slide over a little more.
Just a little more.
It's hard to talk as
you with you so close.
Donny: You know, there's going to be
so much judgement and
criticism coming at you.
Courtney: Right.
Donny: That you may be
able to help each other
build up a little bit of a tough hide.
Courtney, what's something, a criticism,
something that you might say
that might be one of the worst things
you can say about Doug?
Courtney: Huh?
Courtney: I put on the
sexiest lingerie at night.
I just lie in bed and he's on the computer
with his emails.
Donny: He's ignoring you.
Courtney: Yes.
Donny: He's not giving you
the attention you need.
Donny: You not giving her
any kind of attention (slap)
Doug, give her attention for God's sake.
What's one of the worst things
that you can say about Courtney?
Go ahead.
Doug: Um, well, let's see. Okay.
Donny: You're wrong.
I went to the other side.
You're wrong.
Doug: Oh.
Doug: Okay.
Donny: That would hurt.
I know that got to
offensive. I missed that.
Donny: Well, we've done
a lot of work today.
How do you feel?
Doug: Actually, I feel exactly the same.
Donny: Well, that's a shame.
It's a shame Courtney,
because it means that Doug
is resisting the therapy
and it means he's closed and a damaged man
and that's important for you to know.
I may never be able to get through to him.
Doug: No, actually ...
Donny: I told you, Man.
You are up my ass.
I may never be able to get through to him,
but I think there's a
lot of work for us to do
and you know what?
I'd like to invite you back
on the show another time.
How old will you be a year from now?
Courtney: I'll be 18.
Donny: Yeah, that would be a good time.
I'm Donny Clay.
I'll see you next time.
So, what exactly is (chattering together).