"That's a 310." Gabe gets the call of a lifetime; Kurly seeks... more »

Full Credits

Cody Brotter as Gabe Stein
Nelly Castillo as Consuela
Sam Klein as Jay From San Francisco
Luke Pereira as Kurly Beatz
and JT Vancollie as Kimberly
Jordan Compton and Baldev Sandhu
Created by
Jake Bann, James Boger, Nelly Castillo, Chandler Lynn, and Luke Pereira
Written by Jake Bann, Nelly Castillo, Chandler Lynn, and Luke Pereira
Edited by Jake Bann and James Boger
Produced by "The Urine Bunch"
DP: Chandler Lynn
Cameras: Chandler Lynn, Nick Forte, Jake Frankenfield, and John Sanderson
Production Designer: Tania Mesta
Makeup: MJ Dubarr
Sound Recording: James Boger
Sound Mixing: Mike Leone and Joan Pla
Color Correction and Graphics by James Boger
With help from: Baldev Sandhu, Noah Eberhart, Elliott Jenkins, Kati McKinney, Trey Shell, and Gerard Connelly

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