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Full Credits

Written & Directed by Melissa V. Murray
Starring: Phoebe Robinson, Mike Brown, Ken Beck, Jerry Schulman and Sydney Francis
Producer: Daquan Saxton
Director Of Photography: Darren Joe
Production Design & Wardrobe: Alejandra Araujo
1st Assistant Director: George Kotsopolous
Gaffer: Carlos Valdes-Lora
Key Grip: Alan Capinpin
Sound Mixer: Brian Neris
1st Assistant Camera: Ryan Nocella
2nd Assistant Camera: Judith Paredes
Hair & Makeup: Hinano Leung
Production Assistants: George Velez & Graham Fine


Mike Brown: Babe, I'm so happy we're
spending Valentine's Day together.
Mike Brown: There's no work. No
distractions. Just us.
Phoebe Robinson: It's Black History Month. As
an activist, how am I
Phoebe Robinson: supposed to enjoy a holiday
of white corporate
Phoebe Robinson: oppression, when I can't
even get a tax break as a
Phoebe Robinson: black person?
Mike Brown: You're right. You're
absolutely right.
Mike Brown: Totally agree. Totally
Ken Beck: Okay, so, we have a great
special tonight, and you're
Ken Beck: going to love it. It is a
fried chicken with a
Ken Beck: watermelon pepper crust,
and lit is amazing.
Mike Brown: That sounds yummy.
Phoebe Robinson: N-No. Did you know that
scientist created fried
Phoebe Robinson: chicken to sterilize
black men?
Mike Brown: Angela.
Phoebe Robinson: You need to know your black
Ken Beck: I am so sorry. I did not
mean to offend.
Mike Brown: Hey, we'll take the
blackened fish.
Phoebe Robinson: Bye!
Ken Beck: Bye-bye.
Mike Brown: Babe, I just wanted to enjoy
Valentine's Day, but I think
Mike Brown: you're taking Black History
Month a little too seriously.
Phoebe Robinson: He just offered us fried
chicken. What do you mean too
Mike Brown: I know it's hard to be
joyful when you're in the
Mike Brown: struggle, but we have to
learn to practice self care.
Phoebe Robinson: Yeah, I guess you're right.
I just forget sometimes.
Phoebe Robinson: Even though I fight
for justice, I also have to
Phoebe Robinson: fight for happiness.
I'm sorry babe.
Phoebe Robinson: I love you.
Mike Brown: I love you too.
[restaurant music]
Mike Brown: Oh, I love this song.
Phoebe Robinson: You like country music?
Mike Brown: Yeah.
Phoebe Robinson: I mean, who's country
is it for anyway.
Mike Brown: Everybody's?
Phoebe Robinson: Uh, no. It's for
ha-white people.
[different music plays]
Mike Brown: What are you doing?
Jerry Schulman: Hello. Hi-Hey!
Phoebe Robinson: Oh. Is-Is this too loud for
you? Do you want me
Phoebe Robinson: to turn this down? Is it too
much for you to handle?
Jerry Schulman: Yes. Please.
Phoebe Robinson: The first black man who
was asked to turn down his
Phoebe Robinson: music died at the hands
of crooked cops.
Phoebe Robinson: So, I don't think so.
Learn your black history.
Mike Brown: A boom box?
Mike Brown: A boom box, really?
Mike Brown: Who are you, Radio Raheem?
Mike Brown: Am I supposed to take a
trash can and throw it
Mike Brown: through the window?
Mike Brown: I mean what's next?
Are you going to just like
Mike Brown: start a protest in here,
or something?
Mike Brown: You know what? That's it.
The date is over.
Mike Brown: It's over.
Phoebe Robinson: Timothy.
Mike Brown: You know, I wanted to
have a nice Valentine's Day,
Mike Brown: but you ruined it.
I'm just going to get the
Mike Brown: check, and we'll
get out of here.
Ken Beck: Take your time.
Mike Brown: I got it.
Ken Beck: Um, I'm going to need
to see your ID.
Mike Brown: Why would I need ID?
Mike Brown: Oh, because a black man,
couldn't possibly have
Mike Brown: a black credit card.
Phoebe Robinson: [chuckles] Oh, Malcolm X
would not allow this
Phoebe Robinson: to go down.
Phoebe Robinson: You need to check this fool.
Mike Brown and Phoebe Robinson: You need to know
your Black History.
Phoebe Robinson: Put that fist-- Boyee...
Phoebe Robinson: Boy, you better
put that fist away.
Mike Brown: He did not leave us with a
Mike Brown: Angie.
Phoebe Robinson: Yes baby.
Mike Brown: I just love your black ass.
Phoebe Robinson: I love you too baby.