Christina Applegate stars in the Meryl Streep Lifetime biopic of a lifetime: Meryl.

Full Credits

Writer: Lauren Palmigiano
Directors/Editors: Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm
Talent: Christina Applegate, Fran Gillespi, Ben Parks, Nick Armstrong, Dave Theune, Amy Eicher
Narrator: Bob Turton
Producer: Eleanor Winkler & Brianne Trosie
DP: Barry Elmore
1AC Devon Hoff-Weekes
2nd AC Emily Zenk
Gaffer Bill Coleman
BB Electric Joey Waring
Key Grip Joel Nix
BB Grip Sean McQueen
Production Designer Susie Mancini
Props Andrew Katz
Art PA Michael Castillo, Rick Ramirez
Sound GoPal Bidari
Hair and Makeup Emily Hilgenberg
HMU Assistant Catalina Cacho
Wardrobe Jordy Scheinberg
Wardrobe Assist Riley Billingsley
PAs Ben Parks, Audrey Lipsmire, Mariah Oxley


NARRATOR: From the network
that brought you Anna Nicole,
The Brittany Murphy Story,
Aaliyah: The Princess of R and B,
and Whitney comes a stunning
new portrait of the greatest
actress of our time.
Christina Applegate: Ring, ring,
it's me on the phone.
Ring, ring, ring.
( laughs )
Phones doesn't even make
that sound anymore.
Married with Children's
Christina Applegate
gives the performance of a
lifetime in the roll
of a lifetime, on Lifetime.
I'm Julia Child. Bon appetite.
Where's my bourbon?
NARRATOR: Critics agree,
Christian Applegate
was the wrong choice to play Meryl.
I'm not going to take any ( bleep ).
( dramatic music )
( sings ) Mamma mia
NARRATOR: Honestly, it's
like she's not even trying.
This legitimately hurts my ears.
I will step outside the church
if that's what needs to be one.
( bleep )
That's what needs to be done.
I will do what I need to do,
and I swear to God I'd
punch you in the ( bleep ) face
as if I don't mind.
( whines ) Kramer.
Oh Kramer.
First it's Kramer...
NARRATOR: And go behind the
scenes into the secret
life of America's most beloved
What do you mean I wasn't nominated?
You were.
( laughs )
You were.
You are always nominated.
Meryl, what are you doing?
I need these to cry.
God ( bleep ), Meryl.
God ( bleep ).
Holy ( bleep ).
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
I cannot believe,
how amazing you are.
NARRATOR: Honestly, we kind of
struggled to find dirt
on Meryl so we made things up.
In the end there was really
no reason to make this movie.
I'm not in Africa.
I'm out of Africa.
where are all of these
newspapers coming from?
Oh, ( bleep ) me.