On this episode of I've Got Munchies, Mary Jane discovers her DARE graduation... more »

Full Credits

Executive Producer: Sharon Jamilkowski
Producer: Jenn Dodd
Head Writers: Jenn Dodd and Sharon Jamilkowski
Writers: Nick Bowan, Percy Lambert and Carl Jamilkowski
Stuffed Comedy Talent: Sharon Jamilkowski, Jenn Dodd, Will Dodd, and Percy Lambert
Featured Talent: Squirm and Germ- Tim Girrbach and Rodney Umble, Brendan Mcloughlin, Humor Me- Steph Garcia, Jason Gullifer, Jeremy Gerke, and Alexandra Manea
Camera: Percy Lambert, Jenn Dodd, and Sharon Jamilkowski
Directors: Jenn Dodd, Nick Bowan and Sharon Jamilkowski
Costume Designer: Susan Ducey
Puppet Designer: Jan Williams Dodd
Graphic Designer: Dallas Dodd and Will Dodd
Editors: Sharon Jamilkowski
Assistant Editor: Jenn Dodd
Puppeteer: Percy Lambert