When Bob accidentally destroys H-R Boss Lacey Frils’ treasured childhood memento, she is driven to distraction….

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AN ENSEMBLE CAST OF "THE FIRM -- A COMEDY WEBSERIES" -- Most of the action takes place at the Los Angeles office of prestigious national law firm "BROWN & KIRK LLP" "Billy" the mail clerk -- DAVE VIJ "Special Agent Maxwell Majestic" -- BRAD POTTS "Megan the Paralegal" -- ALINA BOLSHAKOVA "Lacy Frils" Head of H-R -- SHANNON O'DOWD "Terri Thomas" Attorney -- JENNIFER CHAN "Mizz Jones" Managing Partner -- AUDREY HOPE "Sophia Lawrence" - Head of Library Services and Bob's boss -- SARA CEBALLOS "Eileen Vassal" -- Mizz Jones' new secretary -- LOUVENIA WILLIAMS "Kate" / "Tiffany" -- ALLISON EVANS
Series Creator : Bob Rodriguez
Producer(s) : Bob Rodriguez / Christopher D. Baker
Writer(s) : Bob Rodriguez (same as above)
Director(s) : Adam Henry, Thor Gold, Bob Rodriguez
Editor(s) : Adam Henry, Shaun Hillman, Bob Rodriguez
Cinematographer(s) :John Gibson, Lew Michaels, Adam Henry
Special/Visual Effects :Johathan Welling, Kelly Cox
Series Composer(s) :Joshua Godoy
Theme Song Composer & Performers(s):Joshua Godoy, Bob Rodriguez, Juliet Lyons