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November 18, 2014


PAUL: Hey Sar. Where are you? They’re about to throw the bouquet... You still here? … Sarah?

SARAH: That’s Paul’s room.

HARRY: Ahhh… It’s a lot bigger than I imagined.

SARAH: Yeah. I guess.

HARRY (V.O.) Smells like ... failure.


SARAH: Good wedding.

HARRY: Great wedding.

SARAH (V.O.) ... Is he going to ...?

SARAH: I’m gonna go get that tea.

HARRY: I think we both know I’m not here for the tea.

SARAH: I thought you said you wanted... tea.

HARRY: Harry says a lot of things.

SARAH: Okay. Just so you know ... this... is not gonna happen again.

HARRY: You need to know one thing. If this was going to happen, there’s no discussion. If Harry wants something, Harry takes it.

HARRY (V.O.): Boom. Game time.

SARAH (V.O.): Oh. My. God.

HARRY (V.O.): You are home son. You’re not even going to have to do anything.

SARAH: Oh. Fuck it.

SARAH: We shouldn’t be doing this... It’s Paul’s room.

HARRY: Don’t worry. I’ll be quick.

SARAH: Ah... that’s not... it.

SARAH: Maybe we’ll get back together?

HARRY (V.O.): Shouldn’t have had that last beer.

SARAH (V.O.): God, he’s good!

HARRY (V.O.): Fucking condoms, can’t feel shit.

SARAH (V.O.): And he’d make such a great dad.

HARRY: Probably shouldn’t have taken those two pills either.

SARAH: Uh. I’ve got a stitch.

HARRY (V.O.): Fuck! This has to happen -- I need to get her out of my system. I am not jerking off over Sarah for another six months.

SARAH: Harry, I’ve got to get down, I’ve got a stitch.

HARRY: Are you close --?

HARRY: Great. Can you finish yourself?

SARAH: What?

HARRY: Can you finish yourself off?

HARRY (V.O.) Freedom!

SARAH (V.O.) Oh god.

HARRY (V.O.) Fuck this. There’s only one way I’m going to come.

HARRY (V.O.) Go Harry. Go!

SARAH (V.O.) Is he going to... ?

HARRY V.O. Go Harry!

SARAH (V.O.) Anywhere but my face!

HARRY Go Harry.

SARAH (V.O.) Anywhere but my face!

HARRY: Go Harry.

SARAH (V.O.) Oh God.

HARRY (V.O.) Harry! Harry! Harry!

PAUL (O.S.) Hey Sar! Get a load of this --

SARAH: Paul!

PAUL: Sarah


SARAH: This is not what it looks like.

HARRY: It’s exactly what it looks like.

SARAH: Paul. I am so sorry.

PAUL: Oh, it’s so good that….you’re making yourself at home.

HARRY: Hope you don’t mind mate. I had to borrow a rubber.

SARAH: Harry?!

HARRY: What?

PAUL: Ah Mi Casa es su casa.

SARAH: Harry was just leaving.

HARRY: Nah. Harry was just coming.

SARAH: This is Paul’s bed.

HARRY: So? He’s cool. Aren’t you Pauly?

PAUL: Oh yeah... Bro. I’m totally cool with all of... I was going to crash on the couch. You’ve got to try it, you don’t know what you’re missing. I was going to stay out there... from now on.

HARRY: Hey mate. Before you go… I’ve got a little issue that requires some tissues.

PAUL: Oh yep. I’ve got heaps of them.

HARRY: Thanks mate.

PAUL: Night Sar.

SARAH: Goodnight Paul.

HARRY: Hey Paul. Wet dreams.

PAUL: You too.