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PRODUCED BY- Sharlto Copley, Vashi Nedomansky, Jhon Doria, Jeanne-Melanie Haasbroek
BASED ON A CHARACTER CREATED BY: Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell
DOP-Vashi Nedomansky VIDEO STORE CLERK-Jhon Doria
MAKE-UP/HAIR-Sarah Rubano
THANKS TO-Charlize Theron, Neill Blomkamp, Peter Jackson, Caro Cunningham

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April 17, 2010


The video opens with a shot of the Hollywood sign. The shot cuts to Sharlto Copley sitting at a desk, talking on the phone. The following text appears: Office of Wikus van der Merwe. 
Sharlto Copley: Blomkamp discovered me in a shopping mall. He was doing a location scout there. It changed my whole life. Now I’m an actor. Bye-bye Edgecombe. Hello Hollywood. That’s what I say, you know. About to give my agent a call. 
The shot jumps ahead in time.
Sharlto Copley: Can you get ahold of Charlize Theron for me, please? I want to present an award with her: the South African Music Awards. You told me you could reach anyone in Hollywood. (to camera) Just standing off. I’m just going to go straight to Charlize. (into phone) You want to Putfontein school with Charlize, eh? I don’t want to tell you. I want to tell her. Any contact with her at all? Well, it’s an opportunity for Charlize. You give me your fucking name right now! I want you name! 
The shot cuts to Sharlto Copley sitting at his desk looking annoyed. The shot then cuts to him picking up a boom box. 
Sharlto Copley (to camera): Come. Bring this. I’m going to do this the Afrikaans way. 
The shot cuts to Sharlto Copley approaching a bar with an American flag and two South African Flags flying. 
Sharlto Copley: There’s definitely South Africans here. 
The shot cuts inside where Sharlto Copley is talking with the bartender. 
Bartender: Charlize Theron? You mean the American actress? 
The shot then cuts to a sign that reads – South African Consulate-General. 
Sharlto Copley: I’m just saying, let me have the number. I’m famous. 
The consulate workers give Sharlto Copley some souvenirs. The shot then cuts to Sharlto Copley in a video store. 
Sharlto Copley: I’m trying to find this actress (points to the cover of a DVD), trying to get her address. 
Jhon Doria: Seriously? 
The shot then cuts to Sharlto Copley walking down a sidewalk. 
Sharlto Copley: This is the bank where Charlize Theron was discovered. 
The shot cuts to Sharlto Copley walking out of a building. 
Sharlto Copley: It didn’t work at all. 
The shot cuts to the exterior of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Sharlto Copley is crouched near Charlize Theron’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Sharlto Copley: I don’t know about this whole thing, Todd. How can it be this difficult?
A street vendor with maps approaches Sharlto Copley. 
Vendor: Movie star homes, that what you want!
Sharlto Copley: Do you know the actress, Charlize Theron? 
Vendor: Of course! 
The shot cuts to a truck giving a guided tour of movie star homes. 
Tour Guide: So, in just a few moments, I’m going to point out some of the movie stars that live here in the Hollywood Hills. And this is Charlize Theron’s here on the right. She’s beautiful, drop dead gorgeous. 
Sharlto Copley: Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop the car please. 
Tour Guide: What’s wrong? 
Sharlto Copley: I’m not feeling well. I’m just feeling a bit nauseous. Actually, you can go.
Tour Guide: But this is illegal. 
Sharlto Copley: I just need to rest. I’ll catch a taxi. Thank you guys. Bye-bye. 
The tour bus drives off and Sharlto Copley approaches the front gate. He presses the intercom. 
Sharlto Copley: I hope she’s home, Todd. You know? Wave on the camera. 
Todd: Maybe she can see us? 
Sharlto Copley: I don’t think…
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Hello? 
Sharlto Copley: Hi. Is this Charlize Theron? 
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Yes. Who is this? 
Sharlto Copley speaks rapidly in a foreign language. There is a long pause.
Sharlto Copley: I saw you there at the Oscars, Charlize, and I was going to say hello to you there, you know, but I saw you were very busy. 
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Wikus, I saw District 9. I know who you are. I like the movie, but, what are you doing at my house? 
Sharlto Copley: Actually, I’m presenting an award for the South African Music Awards and I thought maybe you and I could present it together. You won an Oscar. I was almost sort of nominated for one. 
Charlie Theron (through intercom): Yeah, but Wikus, I actually won. This is very weird. I’m getting a little uncomfortable. You can’t just show up at my house. You sound like a creepy, crazy fan. 
Sharlto Copley: No, it’s for Afrikaans music. 
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Wikus…
Sharlto Copley grabs the boom box from off-camera and turns it on. Music plays and Sharlto Copley sings along. 
Sharlto Copley: Are you listening to this? 
The shot cuts through clips of several songs. 
Sharlto Copley: This is like a sucky one, you know. You remember Long Island dancing. This is like a Long Island. I’m doing it. 
Sharlto Copley does a little dance step. 
Sharlto Copley: I’m so inspired. I want to do the Long Island right here, Charlize. Right here. Can you see on the cameras? Like, come on, remember. 
Sharlto turns off the music and puts down the boom box. There is a long silence from the intercom. 
Sharlto Copley: Charlize? 
Charlize Theron (through intercom): (laughing) Yes, Wikus. 
Sharlto Copley: I thought I lost you there.
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Of course it brings back memories. I love that music, but Wikus, the proper channel for this, you have to make a request through my manager. I’m busy. I have things to do. Good luck with the acting and everything, but I gotta go. 
The intercom turns off. 
Sharlto Copley: Okay. Alright. Bye Charlize. Nice talking to you again. Okay, I’m actually quite busy myself.
The shot cuts to Sharlto Copley standing outside the gate of Charlize Theron’s home.
Sharlto Copley: The SAMA for best pop album goes to Bobby van Jaarveld for Net Vir Jou. 
The shot cuts to the following text: CONGRATULATIONS FROM WIKUS (and Charlize). The shot cuts back outside the gate. 
Todd: I got it. 
Sharlto Copley: I can’t believe she didn’t let us in. Can you get a shot, maybe just a picture there? 
Charlize Theron (through intercom): Wikus, I can see you. 
Sharlto Copley: Okay. Right. That’s fine, Charlize. We’re leaving. We’re going. We’re going. Let’s go. 
The shot cuts to a graphic that reads facebook with Sharlto Copley beneath it. 
Video ends.