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Full Credits

Director: Peter Putka
Music Licensed by: Pocket Songs
Music Producer: Joshua Sadlier-Brown
Cinematographer: Ben Zimbric
Hair: Stages BK
Cast: Tom Cowell, Carlos Delgado, Kate Gunther, Jinhee Joe, David Peterson, Lena Sutherland, Emily Spires


Lyrics written and performed by Lena Sutherland

I’ve never seen a touchdown in the flesh

Finally Super Bowl will play in New Jersey.

And of course my mans obsessed

In a football town

No Orleans envy

But everybody’s like

Tight end, first down, punt, an interception

Field goal, cutback, defensive line formation

We don’t care

All these replays are a bit extreme.

But everybody’s like

Russell Wilson, please don’t get an injury

Bailey, Thomas, Mannings’ gonna unleash

We don’t care.

Pete Carroll looks like Owen Wilson there.

And we’ll watch commercials (mercials)

It’s just in our blood

The game alone just ain’t for us,

We crave a different kind of buzz.

What’s in that cooler? (cooler)

You can tailgate for me.

‘Cause baby its cold, its cold, its cold, its cold

And Bruno Mars is on TV.

The fans are coming here in droves

The best part of Super Bowl, is the party

And everyone who knows us knows,

That we hate overtime, except with Tom Brady.

And all the news is like:

Snowstorms, gridlock, Tebow in the press room

Beer runs, man caves, overbooked hotel rooms

We don’t care

We put money on both the teams.

And everybody’s like

Vince Lombardi, who the heck is that guy?

Time out, holding, no ones really moving

We don’t care

Call us when the halftime show is there.

Our guys are loyal (loyal)

Go have another Bud

The game alone just ain’t for us,

We crave a different kind of buzz.

Share that guacamole (mole),

Give this recipe to me

It’s made with fiber, folate, good fats, iron

And chicken wings are not healthy