Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott are just too busy to help Harris Wittels promote his new Humblebrag book.

Full Credits

Starring: Adam Scott, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Harris Wittels
Written by Harris Wittels
Directed and Edited by Nick Wiger
Produced by Ally Hord
DP Kevin Stewart
Gaff/Grip Jordan Downey
Sound - Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Special Thanks Jennifer Torres and Morgan Sackett


[music plays]
Harris Wittels: Hello?
Nick Offerman: Hello young Harris.
Harris Wittels: Hey Nick. I was just
wondering if you were
Harris Wittels: available to shoot that
Humblebrag book promo.
Nick Offerman: Oh, dang it. I would love to,
but I gotta run to the
Nick Offerman: store for some
Nick Offerman: I just broke my last pair of
underwear with my dong.
Nick Offerman: It's such a drag having
such a huge hog.
Nick Offerman: If you wouldn't mind, shut
the door on your way out.
Nick Offerman: I'm about to receive a phone
call from Quentin Tarantino.
Nick Offerman: It's cool being best buds with
him, but he can be a real
Nick Offerman: Chatty Cathy.
Harris Wittels: Okay, well--
Nick Offerman: Get out.
Nick Offerman: He just burns
up my minutes.
[music plays]
[door knocks]
Chris Pratt: Come in.
Chris Pratt: Hello young Harris.
What's up?
Harris Wittels: Oh, just seeing if you
were available to shoot
Harris Wittels: that Humblebrag
book promo.
Chris Pratt: Oh God, no, I can't.
Chris Pratt: Sorry, I have to take my
Bugatti into the shop.
Chris Pratt: For something
so expensive,
Chris Pratt: God does it break
down a lot.
Chris Pratt: Hey, do you know what
paparazzi means in Italian?
Harris Wittels: What?
Chris Pratt: Flies that buzz
around shit.
Harris Wittels: Is that true?
Chris Pratt: Yeah. Guessing, that makes
me a piece of shit, huh?
[music plays]
Adam Scott: Adam: Young Harris.
What's up?
Harris Wittels: Whadddup!
Adam Scott: I love doing
that with you.
Harris Wittels: Me too man.
For real.
Harris Wittels: Oh, I was wondering if you
had some time to do
Harris Wittels: that Humblebrag book promo.
Remember, I told you about it?
Adam Scott: Oh, actually...oh crap dude...
Adam Scott: I have to go to
the hospital.
Adam Scott: It's this young kid's
dying wish to meet me.
Adam Scott: You know, it's so weird.
It's crazy.
Adam Scott: I mean, being famous is
cool and stuff, but it's
Adam Scott: also sometimes [gagging].
Adam Scott: Like this can't, I don't
know, it's kind of...
Harris Wittels: You know, I
understand actually.
Harris Wittels: I mean, it's like, I started
this Twitter account
Harris Wittels: and it amassed like so
many followers, that they wanted
Harris Wittels: me to write a book.
I have to do press and promo,
Harris Wittels: and it's like, it was just
this little fun thing.
Harris Wittels: It was just like,
Harris Wittels: I just want to have a
fun, and be an artist.
Adam Scott and Harris Wittels: Wazzzup!
Harris Wittels: (Voiceover) Buy the book, ya'll.