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Our FOD News political correspondent visits the Bernie Sanders presidential rally... more »
Published April 14, 2016 200k views More Info »
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Additional Credits:
Matt Klinman: host
Ben Weitmarschen:New Best Friend
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♪ [music] ♪
Matt Klinman: Matt: I'm Matt Klinman
for Funny or Die,
Matt Klinman: and we're here to see
how much weed we can score
Matt Klinman: at the Bernie rally
in New York City.
Matt Klinman: Let's check it out.
Matt Klinman: Hey, excuse me sir,
Matt Klinman: you think we could score
some weed here at the rally?
Matt Klinman: Look at that. The first
Bernie supporter we got.
Matt Klinman: Oh really?
Matt Klinman: Matt: I feel like
you can't say that.
Matt Klinman: Yeah, sure.
You wanna...
♪ [music] ♪
Matt Klinman: Matt: Is this really going
to effect any change?
Ben Weitmarschen: Ben: Yeah.
♪ [music] ♪
Matt Klinman: For Funny or Die, I'm
Matt Klinman, and I don't
Matt Klinman: know how much weed
you can find at a Bernie rally,
Matt Klinman: but I do know you can
find your new best friend.