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Amber Rose
Matt McGorry
Rhoda Pell
Phil Painter
Ben Parks
Ross Buran
Inessa Frantowski
Fran Gillespie
Austin Rodriguez
Sonny Williams
Caitlin Leahy
Gopal Bidari
Bob Turton
Nick Armstrong
Directors/Editors - Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
Writer - Fran Gillespie
Producer - Dan Bernstein
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Producer - Eleanor Winkler
Producer - Christian Heuer
Production Coordinator - Ross Buran
DP - Matt Sweeney
Steady Cam - Dave Baldwin
1st AC - Ryan Griswold
2nd AC - Nick LaBelle
Gaffer - Billy Coleman
Key Grip - Alan Joseph Waring
Production Design - Susie Mancini
Wardrobe - Jordy Scheinberg
Wardrobe - Riley Billingsley
H&MU - Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer - Gopal Bidari
Graphics - Shawn James
PA - Ben Parks
PA - Brogan Moriarty

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September 14, 2015


( music plays )
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Say, it looks to me like
you had sex last night.
I sure did.
Sounds like you're living
your best life.
( Amber giggles )
Heavens, it seems as though
that woman hasn't been hosed
since last night.
I sure haven't.
Thank you.
Nothing I haven't done before.
In my day, I was no
stranger to the walk of shame.
No shame here.
You're an inspiration to my daughter.
( horn honks )
I respect that you enjoyed
yourself last night.
I think we can all agree,
having sex is fun.
Oh yes it is.
Mommy, did that woman get
fucked last night?
It seems as if she did.
Oh, hell yeah.
Extra, extra, Amber Rose
sleeps out last night!
Most likely had sex!
I'll take one of those.
Thank you.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Oh, Mr. Mayor.
I want to give you the keys
to the city.
Oh but what for?
Your confidence in the choices
you make, and your
ability to celebrate your body.
I always celebrate my body.
Sometimes twice a day.
Buh-bye then.
( laughs )
- Hey girl.
- Hey.
Looking good.
Feeling good.
Amber, hey.
Oh, hey.
Hey, you forgot to leave
your number.
No, I didn't.