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July 08, 2015


[Music Plays]
Jack Harris: Hi, I'm Jack Harris.
John Tyson: And I'm John Tyson, and we're with Beef America.

> Now we know there's been a bit of blow back to our recent grassroots
campaign, Skip Showers for Beef.

> Flipping burgers, it's just pure summer.

> We tried to do our part.

> It really hit home.
It's a lot to ask to skip 37 showers for a 4 ounce steak.

> Well, lets face it, beef is worth it.

> Beef is beautiful.

> So today, we're going to share some
tips and tricks to help you become a more sustainable beef consumer.
Number 1, try baby powder.

> Number 2, get creative.

> Febreze, Axe Body Spray, and lint and dust remover. I call it
the smelly trinity. Ahhh!

> Number 3, skip a shower, take a bath.

> I bathe in tomato soup now.

> Number 4, have fun with it.

> I've taken up a new hobby, collecting flies.
Anyway, I think this Thursday should work just...

> Number 5, skip flushing for showers.

> Number 6, skip brushing for flushing.

> Number 7, don't be afraid to think outside the box.

> I drink pee.

> Or inside the box.

> I shit in the litter box.

> This is my poop pile,
and this is my new poop pile, and that over there, I don't know
whose shit that is.

> Number 8, chinchillas take dust baths.
So should you.

> Number 9, above all make sure you keep it real.

> My husband left me, but you got to put that stuff in perspective.
I lost my job. I take it with a grain of salt.
I live in my car, but you got to look on the bright side,
that stake kabob was worth it.
It was worth it.
I live in my car.

> Is there a smarter way to save water?

> What if I just gave up beef?
I'm just kidding. That would be stupid.

> Skip showers for beef.
I'm sure glad I did.

> Well, we hope that was helpful.

> And now if you'll excuse us,
we've got a couple of ounces of steak to eat.
[Flies buzzing]

> Hey, this is my sandwich. Stay. Stay!