Who better to reunite old friends Bill & Ted for a gritty modern reboot than Martin Scorsese? A Bill & Ted/Silence Mashup.

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[Rodrigues] Our Lord said to them,
"Go ye into the whole world
and preach the gospel to
every living creature."

[Father Valignano] Ferreira is lost to us.
He denounced God in public.
I'm Bill. This is Ted.
We're from the future.

Don't speak to me you
have no right to speak to me.
Do you know when the
Mongols ruled China?
[Ferreira] I never knew Japan
when it was a country of light.
- You have to remember this place.
- [indistinct]
How's it going, royal ugly dudes?
- Do not enter Japan.
- [Ted] We don't understand it either.
[Bill] Do you know where
there are any personages of
historical significance around here?

[Inoue] The price for your
glory is their suffering.
[Mr Ryan] Now unless you get an a-plus I
have no choice but to flunk the both of you.
- [Garrpe] It's too dangerous.
- Not.
[Rodrigues] We asked for this mission.
[Logan] You fail history
you flunk out of school.
Be excellent.

All we are is dust in the wind dude.

[Bill] Don't be dead, dude.
[Ted] We're in the
middle of a war, dude!

[Rodrigues] I pray but I'm lost.
Am I just praying to his silence?
Shut up Ted!