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Writer - Courtney Davis
Producer - Eleanor Winkler
Editor - Adriana Robles

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January 07, 2016


Male Narrator: This
Christmas audiences are
falling in love with Joy.
In which 25 year old
Jennifer Lawrence plays a
year old mother of 3.
And audiences jeered back
when at 23 Jennifer Lawrence
played the mother of a 5
year old, and wife of
year old Christian Bale
in American Hustle.
And who can forget when at
J-Law played a widow,
and girlfriend of 38 year
old Bradley Cooper in
Silver Linings Playbook.
This spring, get ready to
see Jennifer Lawrence
play her oldest
character yet.
Male Voice: So you're
super old right?
Jennifer Lawrence: Yes sir.
Male Narrator: Who's got
problems with her
boyfriend, and her
granddaughter, and her
great grandson.
Female Voice: You're at
that age where you're
totally frail and
Jennifer Lawrence: Yes.
Female Voice: You're super, super
old, but also still totally hot.
Jennifer Lawrence: Yes.
Male Narrator: Jennifer
Lawrence is Really Really
Old Lady Who Still Looks
Totally Young and Hot.
[series of swooshes]
door hinge swinging]