THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO YOU WILL SEE IN YOUR LIFE. (PG-13: Kids, put down the interweb and go read a book.)

Full Credits

Starring: The Ladies of BOOBY HATCH: Alexandra Gray, Katharine Houston, and Sabrina Veroczi
Directed and Edited by: John DesRoches
Music by: Jeremy Voss and Zach Danziger
Lyrics by : Alexandra Gray, Katharine Houston, and Sabrina Veroczi
Director of Photography: Dylan Marshall
Gaffer: Joseph Gourley
Production Manager: Paula Marchiel
Stylist: Megan Steer
Production Assistants: Margaret O'Sullivan, E. James Ford
Dapper Gentleman with Rose: Ephi Stempler
Hipster with Suitcase: Toshiji Takeshima
Businessman on Train: Paul Caravetta
Camera Phone Voyeur: E. James Ford
Party People: David Knight, Jeremy Voss, Jonathan Greenberg, Carter Anne McGowan, Arwen Lowbridge
Very Special Thanks to: David Crittenden, Zach Danziger, Paula Marchiel, Oliver Kahn, and Sparecat at Tillary 505, Arwen Lowbridge, Theatreworks USA, and Calpurnia Wine Bar in Brooklyn