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Published: April 18, 2013
producer girls :
hey antonikid. this movie twilight saga.
was movie series compelete.

antonikid kanye :
hey producer,photograper and friends. don't see
to the see twilight saga. was movie series has so
compeleted. who are you doing?.

antonikid kanye :
oooooh nooooo!.


teacher man :
hey matikan antonikid. who this from photo
in a. some turtle. in from. antonigame's the
float turtle. was to the stopped this see from
twilight saga in movie series compeleted in the
internet. who are you doing. teacher woman?.

teacher woman :
hey matikan antonikid. you say about. this
can't photo from animals to pets turtle say.
you're fired!. get out at the class room.

matikan antonikid :
Dips 300x250