Donald Trump has it all. Money, power, respect, and an Eastern European bride. But... more »


MALE #1: Coming up on
TV's Monday Night Movie,
real estate,
beautiful women,
cat eating aliens,
high quality brass,
Johnny Depp: The only thing with
more brass is my balls.
In Donald Trump's
made for TV movie,
The Art of the Deal: The Movie.
Based on his best selling book,
The Art of the Deal,
new kid on the block makes
New York City his playground,
and the Big Apple's
skyline his toys.
In the office, he was at his best,
but by night he was
at his worse.
If Donald Trump broke deals
like he broke hearts,
he'd be out of business.
Witness the art of money...
Johnny Depp: I want you to
slather every square inch
Johnny Depp: of Trump Tower in brass.
MALE #1: The art of persuasion.
I would hate to see your
mother have an accident.
Stephen Merchant: Yeah. Scary.
MALE #1: The art of Struggle.
Johnny Depp: I want the Taj Mahal.
MALE #1: The art of love.
Johnny Depp: Can somebody remove Ivana from
the set, because she's killing me?
MALE #1: The art of art.
-I love your lamps.
-Thank you.
MALE #1: The Art of the Deal.
That is what you call
the art of the deal.
MALE #1: 9PM Eastern,
PM Mountain,
except where tonights game
is being broadcast.
♪ ♪