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Full Credits

Marnie-Brittany Snow
Gretchen-Kristen Rozanski
Homeless Man- Mike Leffingwell
Director/Writer/Actor -Bryan Safi
Director/Actor-Lauren Palmigiano
Producer/Actor-John McKay
DP-Cristina Dunlap
Camera Operator-Jared Wennberg
AC-Tony Jou
Sound-Ryan Kaiser
Wardrobe-Tala Bakhtar
Art Designer- Micah Embry
HMU-Ashey Harris
Gaffer- Jeffrey Peters
Key Grip- Adam Bial
PA-Andrew Grissom
PA-Cole McFarlane

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December 15, 2013


[music plays]
[door knocks]
[cymbals crash]
Come they told me
Pa rum pum pum pum
[cymbals crash]
[door slams]
Please stop, please.
[door slams]
Gretchen and I used to be a caroling couple, called Grarnie Christmas
Until she stole my idea to make Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer about a deer with
cystic acne
We haven't spoken since.
I've been on a caritus, sorry, that's caroling hiatus the last two seasons--
But I'm back to take the block back from Marnie.
Sorry Gretchen.
Christmas is coming early this year.
And I mean that in a bad way.
You know this is my block now.
Oh, really?
Why don't we let the neighborhood decide?
Classic carol-off rules.
AM start.
I'll take the even numbers.
You take the odd.
The caroler with the most votes at the end of the night,
claims the block.
It's on--
It's on
It's on...
Oh fuck my ears...
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
I really can't stay--
Baby it's cold outside
Don we now our gay apparel--
My cousin is gay, and he is a person
It's 7 AM.
I've got to go away--
Baby it's cold outside
No means no
Ugh, you bitch!
We three kings of Orient are
[child-like voice]
Bearing gifts and travel so far
Well I told you not to take the 405
That's the jingle bell rock
[door closses]
[music plays]
It was my block!
[interposing screaming]
You still have that?
It was the first thing that was ever thrown at us.
The Dr. had to pull most of this out of my forehead.
This is stupid.
We're a team Marnie.
Let's give this neighborhood what it really wants
I'm in
I'm in
We're in
Please leave our neighborhood
[montage-ie music plays]
[We Wish You a Merry Christmas instrumental plays]
We wish you a Grarnie Christmas
And a happy Jew year--
Because of freedom of religion
You, you don't have any food then?
That was a lie?
Where ya going?
Can I have part of that candy cane?
I'll take a stripe