Brie's love for you is too big for just one man.

Full Credits

This song and all other tracks from album "The Singer-Songwriter Song" available on iTunes and
Copyright 2010 Petrichor Music. All rights reserved.
Directed by Greg Bennett
Written and Produced by Greg Bennett and Anneliese Euler
Song written by Brie Feingold-Africa
Director of Photography: Paul Wojciak
Costume: Kresta Lins
Makeup: Eva Lohse
Choreography: Alison Smith
Tim: Stirling Gardner
Jesse: Luke Curry
Tony: Mitchell Fink
Pedro: Zach Taylor
Additional Street Dudes: Patrick Given, Darryl Piggott
Backup Dancers: Mickey Pentecost, Darryl Piggott, Derek Livingston, Christopher Fairbanks
Groom-to-be: B. Mark Seabrooks
Special Thanks: Bry Sanders, Katy Templeman-Holmes, Tina Huang, Paul Smith, Jack Rudy
Audio track produced by Todd Horton
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar: Brie Feingold-Africa
Organ: Mike Fucking Kaplan
Electric Guitar: G-BAttle
Brass: Todd Horton