Infomercial parody about an at home, safe, reliable and effective alternative to repairing a woman's hymen. Feel tight again!
Published August 12, 2009 3.3k views The Crypt More Info ยป
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
created and written by Karin T. Tucker
co-written by Michael McGee
starring: Karin T. Tucker, George Frangides, Janine Pibal, Dana Vitatoe
directed by Karin T. Tucker and Paul Ratner
cinematographer/editor - Paul Ratner
music by Eddie Vu
set and prop design - Michael McGee
make up artist - Rachel Lund-Olson
production manager - Petra Ratner
produced by Karin T. Tucker, Dana Vitatoe, Fotch City Films
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Published: August 12, 2009