Who's lookin for some heavy lovin'???

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Travis White, Emmett Kerr-Perkinson, Shannon Gaga

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May 19, 2010


They always staring at us
But I don't care baby
Let's give them something to stare at
Do it right here baby
Cause you're the only one that I love I don't care
if you're 300 pounds
So they can keep on hating
Cause I don't care baby
That's more of you for me to love
How is this fair baby?
Cause you're the only one that I love I don't care
if you're 300 pounds

[1st Verse]
Look at them stretch marks... I swear I love em
Come baby, maybe take cocoa butter and then I'll rub em
Askin me if I would like to help scrub your back while you bathing
Cause I know the circumference of your back is so amazing
The KFC double down sandwich gives you harder nipples
Excite With your cellulite lookin like some water ripples
I could count all yo dimples, but (it'll take some hours girl)
I wanna carry you on our honeymoon, but (I'ma need some powers girl)
So... Until I get that scary strength
On our honeymoon it's lookin like you, may have to carry me
Grippin on yo love handles, you - hate it when I barely squeeze
Girl I Love it when you ride on top but I can barely breathe


[2nd verse]
Girl I cooked breakfest in bed, got you some steak and cheese
Made it just how you like it with some extra bacon grease
Can't help take a peek, I wanna see them jelly rolls
Can't find yo belly button, baby tell me am I real close?
You try to touch yo toes, but can only reach yo thighs
We sexin all day long baby while I feed yo face pies
Like a dentist you open wide, and then I insert
A Juicy sub sandwich damaged while puttin that jaw to work
I love it when you flirt, and play with you food
You drink on Diet Pepsi like that's really helping you
But it's so cute, boo. I hope you never shrink
More cushion for the pushin, fuck what a hater think!