A lesson in backting from two of the best.

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June 19, 2008


The video opens with a shot or red curtains and the words – and now… –
appear on top of the curtains. The red curtains part to reveal a black
background. The words – The Back-tees – appear in an elegant font and
abstract graphics of two men, from the waist up, flexing their muscles
are to either side of the words. The shot cuts to Will Ferrell wearing
a bright red turtleneck shirt.

Will Ferrell: That was acting. It was acting or, as I like to say, backting.

The camera pulls back to reveal that Will Ferrell is speaking to Will
Arnett and a woman in the room. The woman walks off camera.

Will Arnett: We’re some of the best backtors in the business, I mean.

Will Ferrell: I know.

Will Arnett: You got a Back-tee, right?

Will Ferrell: I got a Back-tee for over the shoulder in, what was it, um, Zoolander.

Will Arnett moves partially in front of the camera, so his back is exposed and Will Ferrell remains in the shot.

Will Arnett: I’m not gonna try to even get close to what you did, but you’re gonna have to tell me some news. Some bad news.

Will Ferrell: We lost Jason.

There is ding and the abstract man graphic appears on the screen.

Will Arnett: Whoa!

Will Ferrell: Do you see where backting took me.

Will Ferrell moves in front of the camera so his back is exposed and Will Arnett’s face is in the shot.

Will Arnett
: It’s all about the Back-tee. You ready?

Will Ferrell: Yeah, I’m ready.

Will Arnett: Guess what?

Will Ferrell
: What?

Will Arnett: You won the lottery!

Will Ferrell
: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Woo! My life is changed forever!

Will Ferrell jumps up and down and raises his arms in victory.

Will Arnett: Cut. Perfect. That was perfect. That was Back-tee worthy.

There is ding and the abstract man graphic appears on the screen.

Will Ferrell: And the Back-tee goes to?

Will Arnett: And the Back-tee goes to?

Will Ferrell
: Do you have to accept the award with your back to camera?

Will Arnett moves to the doorway of the room and faces out into the hallway.

Will Arnett: There’s so many people I’d like to thank and you know who you are.

Will Ferrell: Oh, you face the crowd and they shoot it from behind. Or,
do you face the crowd with your back and you have to look over?

Will Ferrell turns his back to the camera and looks over his shoulder.
The shot pans over to Will Arnett, who turns his back to the camera.

Will Arnett (pointing over his shoulders with both hands): And you know who you are. Right? That’s it.

The shot cuts to a giant version of the abstract man graphic. The words – MORE TOUR VIDS AT: /tour – appear over the graphic.

The shot cuts Will Arnett leaning out the door of the room with his face right in the camera. He belches.

Will Arnett: I hope you like the new one.