You don't pay for all the parking spaces you don't park in, so why pay for all the channels you don't watch?
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Published: May 13, 2015

We should cancel these channels we never watch.

> We can't cancel channels.

> We only watch like 5 channels. Why can't we just get those channels?

> Cable doesn't work like that. With cable it's all or nothing.

> Hi, could I get a single scoop of the pecan praline please?

> Yes sir.
There you go.

> Do I have to eat all of this?

> Yeah, that's how ice cream works.
(elevator bell sounds)
(a flurry of elevator floor bells go off)

> W-wait, wait...!

> Yep, this is me.

> No, wait, wait...!

> That's $657 dollars.

> I was only parked here for 2 hours sir.

> Yeah. $657 dollars.

> Your sign says $3 dollar parking.

> Yeah, it's $3 dollars for each space, and technically you bought the
whole lot. So, that's 204 spaces time $3 dollars, plus $15 dollars
for each of the 3 handicap spaces, and those are premium, so--

> I only wanted one space.

> Parking doesn't work like that sir.

> Just take it, ok.

> Perfect.

> Open up the gate.

> Gates broke.

> Can you fix it?

> I got to call a guy. Don't worry, he'll be here between noon and 6 p.m.
(he growls with frustration while sounding the car horn)

> I don't like your way. Fix it!