The real reason James Franco didn't give the 2009 UCLA commencement speech.

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Starring James Franco and Vince Jolivette
Written and Directed by Emmet McDermott and Jared Gruszecki
Produced by Vince Jolivette
Edited by Zak Wojtanowicz
Special Thanks to Brantley Jones, CarloVito Santangelo & Ian Seltzer
Presented by The Harvard Lampoon and Rabbit Bandini

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July 07, 2009


Announcer>Gadoosh!Alright, we all set?Yeah, yeah give me one sec.Okay.But wait, what are you waiting for?For the fuckin' applause asshole!I don't know about that.You don't know if there are scientists that makeIf they do they're not gonna let usWell I wanna fuckin' say that anyway,Woah woah, don't say fuck, you can't say that,"I mean Mr. Franco, you're a fuckin' movie star."Maybe we should try something just aAlright, take it easy man, I'm gettin' there.Ahem.Well actually it is true because I went to collegeI went to college to so..Well, somebody was sleeping in class.Well I didn't even (mutters)Somebody was sleeping in class!Well we know you do!Who fuckin' doesn't fall asleep in class?What, wait a minute.President Barack Obama.Oh Jesus.He fuckin' reminds me of me.It wasn't just because of the movie.Well the movie had a lot to do with it, it really did.Um.What, no.I know, I agree it was great but.Yeah, no, you agree?I agree it was great.Oh you agree?I agree but.Very bold of you that was like fucking amazing.It was.Fuck.