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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Ashley Tisdale & Leah Remini
Directed by Allison Hord & Rachel Goldenberg
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Kevin Stewart
Written by Allison Hord
Contributing Writer: Erin LaRosa
Edited by Bill Parker
Pageant Judges: Bob Turton, Lindsay Gareth, & Kate Spurgeon
Pageant Mothers: Heather Ayers, Kathryn Burns, Lilan Bowden, Marisa Pinson, Stephanie Allyn, & Celestine
Pageant Contestants: Avriella Ford, Mykayla Sohn, Abriana Nuno, Gabriela Gagnon, & Jayla Walker
Pageant Host: Drew Droege
Audience: Alena Day, Rachel Zake, Ronnie Campagnone, Emma Green, Michael Pinkerton, Devon Libran, Mark Saldana, Caitlin Kimball
B-Camera Operator: Andrew Crighton
C-Camera Operator: Jordan Martin
Behind the Scenes Camera Operator: Liam White
1st AC: Ray Lee
Gaffer: Tony Lopez-Cepero
Electric: Jordan Downey
Grips: Brett Lopes & Jason Brewer
1st AD: Tim Ketchersid
2nd AD: Kendall Anlian
2nd 2nd AD: Lindsay Robinson
Production Designer: Caity Birmingham
Production Design Assistants: James Godbolt & Vanessa Lin
Makeup & Hair: Megan Nicoll, Karan Mitchell, Richard Collins, Ashley Cordova
Costume Designer: Aubrey Binzer
Costume Design Assistant: Bradley Bowns
Sound: Ben Forman & BoTown Sound
Graphics by Pat Bishop
Choreography by Kathryn Burns
Production Assistants: Ross Buran, Max Elfeldt, & Alistair Walford
Special Thanks: Bill Perlman, Meg Coogan, & the Residence Inn of Downtown Burbank

(booming sound)
Male voiceover: (whispers) Exclusive.
(lively music)
Makenzie's mom: We'll grab it.
Makenzie: (cries loudly)
No, I know how [they're putting it]!
Juana: When Makenzie was 8,
uh, we had to pull her out of home school
so she can focus on the pageants.
Beauty pageants is what
Makenzie lives for.
It's her passion.
Yes, Makenzie still does compete
in the 5 to 7-year-old group
but we feel that she really does
shine in this particular group.
Makenzie: Woman, you are driving me nuts.
My name is Makenzie.
I'm 25 and 3/4 and I'm
still competing today.
Angel: 25, huh?
That's a little old.
Isn't at that point there's
like a special Olympics
for pageants?
Judith: A real freak of nature that one,
uh, gallivanting around with
her weird body and face.
Makenzie: (blows raspberries)
Juana: Okay, come on just
a few sprays on your chest
and then we could put on your [child gear]
Makenzie: Oh, oh, I'm not
putting that thing on.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Juana: She's been in 5,000
pageants and won 3,213 crowns.
It makes it all worth it.
Makenzie: Gross!
Ni-ni tastes like [unintelligible]
Juana: [unintelligible]
Ahhhh! (cries loudly)
Pageant host: Please welcome
our little darling dream angels,
our Little Miss USA pageant contestants.
(lively music)
Makenzie: Mama!
Where's my Ni-ni?
Juana: I got it here baby.
It's for later.
It's okay come here, come on, come on.
No, no, come on, [let's
not faint] come on.
No, no, no, no.
Makenzie: Get, get!
Get out of my practice space.
(Hound Dog by Elvis Presley song)
Amberlee: I am not worried
about this competition at all.
Look at that face, she
cannot not be happy.
Are you happy?
(Yodelayheehoo music)
Juana: These parents who complain
about paying for higher education,
try paying 200 grand on pageants.
Female: I've spent $300,000
over the last 7 years,
uh, priming my daughterm,
classes, costumes, make-up,
false teeth, false eyes.
(American Girl by Tom Petty
& the Heartbreakers song)
(lively music)
Makenzie: She needs to
lose some serious weight.
Aubrey's mom: Aubrey Ana
loves doing pageants.
Don't you sweetheart?
How much?
(Roxanne by The Police song)
(Ready to Go by Little Cowboy song)
Juana: As Makenzie grew, some
of the judges were concerned
that Makenzie's outfits
were too promiscuous.
But when she was younger, they were cute?
Host pageant: And without further ado,
our next little Miss USA pageant winner is
(drum roll)
Makenzie: (screams)
Juana: Whoo!
That's right.
Suck it, ladies!
Juana and Makenzie: (screams with joy)
Juana: Oh yeah!
This is why we do what we do.
Makenzie: Ni-ni.
(screams loudly)