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What kind of dog is that?
Published August 28, 2011 2.1m views More Info »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written by/Starring Allan McLeod (and Steven the dog)
Directed and Edited by Ryan Perez
Produced by Ally Hord
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
DP - Dave Cronin
G&E - Jordan Downey
Hair/MU - Shauna O'Toole
Prod Design - Caity Birmingham
PA - Meg DeFrancesco, Andrew Grissom
Sound - BoTown
Featuring: Emily Maya Mills, Johanna Parker, Tricia McAlpin, Eugene Cordero, Mike Hanford, Lauren Lapkus, Suzi Barrett, Joe Hartzler, Barak Hardley, Andrée Vermeulen, Thomas Middleditch, Anne Rieman and Mookie Blaiklock
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Published: August 28, 2011

Male Voice: (whispers)
Johanna Parker: Ah, cute. What kind of dog
is that?
Allan McLeod: He's a rescue. So I'm not
really sure. I think Basenji.
Johanna Parker: Oh yeah. Maybe he looks a little
Chihuahua too.
Allan McLeod: Oh, what about you?
Johanna Parker: She is a German Shepherd
Chow, and a Doxi Terrier mix.
Johanna Parker: You know, you should
do that dog DNA test.
Johanna Parker: That's what I did.
Allan McLeod: Bye.
Female Voice: Hey, what kind of
dog is that?
His tail looks like
it has [inaudible] in him.
Yeah, his face
looks pretty Jindo to me.
Those paw pads look like they're
from Retriever or something.
Paw pads are
definitely Retriever.
These aren't Golden
Retriever paw pads.
Allan McLeod: Oh no?
Those are Border Collie
paw pads.
What kind of dog is that?
Allan McLeod: Oh, he's just a little Basenji.
He's got some pug. Yeah.
Looks like greyhound,
greyhound hips there.
Allan McLeod: Greyhound hips, yeah.
You should get
the DNA test.
He's cute. What's his name?
Allan McLeod: Rhythm.
He might be like a
Allan McLeod: Yeah.
Allan McLeod: A obsa-whatsa?
I think they're Norwegian,
no Chinese.
Something like that.
Joe Hartzler: Hey. Oh, he's got
Bulldog balls.
Allan McLeod: Well actually, he's been fixed. So.
Joe Hartzler: Well if he had balls,
he would have bulldog balls.
Joe Hartzler: Is that a rescue?
Allan McLeod: He's a rescue.
You have to rescue.
You have to do that DNA thing.
Allan McLeod: I have not done
the DNA thing.
Eugene Cordero: Oh you got to do the DNA thing.
Allan McLeod: I know. I want to do it.
Oh, look at that. He's got a [inaudible] butt hole.
Allan McLeod: What kind of butt hole
is that?
That's a Bichon butt hole.
Hey, what kind of
dog is that?
Allan McLeod: It's a rescue. So, I
don't really know.
Allan McLeod: What kind of dog
is that?
A Chiweenie. It kind of
looks like a pit bull in
the face. You should
get a DNA test.
Allan McLeod: Oh yeah. I think I'm
going to do that.
Yeah, you gotta do it.
Hey, you know there's a
DNA test you can do with dogs.
Allan McLeod: Oh, yeah, yeah, I know.
Yeah, you gotta do it.
Allan McLeod: Oh, I know. I'm sure.
You gotta do it.
Allan McLeod: Oh for sure.
Yeah definitely.
Allan McLeod: For sure.
You gonna do it?
Allan McLeod: Yeah.
Do it. Just do it.
Get it done. You gonna do it?
Allan McLeod: I think so yeah.
Get that test. You gotta
know what kind of dog you're with.
Allan McLeod: I think so.
I'd do it.
Allan McLeod: Okay.
[piano instrumental]
Allan McLeod: Hey, let's get that DNA.
Allan McLeod: (sigh) What are you?
[piano instrumental]
Allan McLeod: Hey, I got the DNA test.
Barak Hardley: Oh, that's fantastic.
Great news.
Allan McLeod: Hey, probably going to
find out later this week.
Oh, God bless.
Allan McLeod: Hey.
Allan McLeod: I did the test.
Male: Oh good.
Female: Nice.
Allan McLeod: I did the test.
[piano instrumental]
Allan McLeod: Border Terrier eyes.
Basset Chihuahua ears.
Allan McLeod: So it's a blend.
Allan McLeod: German Shepherd chin.
Allan McLeod: Yep.
Allan McLeod: The body of a small deer.
Allan McLeod: What else is there here?
Allan McLeod: Disgusting.
Did you?
Allan McLeod: What is this?
Is this woman dead?
Allan McLeod: Is this woman dead?
Allan McLeod: Where did you get
these sunglasses?
Allan McLeod: (gasping) No.
Allan McLeod: Go.
Allan McLeod: No one needs to know.
Allan McLeod: We're going to keep
this between us.
Allan McLeod: Okay?
[sounds of screams]
[past whisperers of "What
kind of dog is that?"]
Johanna Parker: Hey.
Allan McLeod: Hey.
Allan McLeod: I did the DNA test.
Johanna Parker: Oh, great. What kind
of dog is he?
Allan McLeod: His eyes are
Border Terrier eyes.
Allan McLeod: He has a Dotson neck,
Poodle mouth, Bloodhound
Allan McLeod: front legs, and Border
Terrier back legs.
Allan McLeod: Corgi penis.
Johanna Parker: Okay. Okay.
I get it.
Johanna Parker: You can stop.
[piano instrumental]