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♪ ♪
-It's out there.
-Right now?
Wolf Blitzer: Wolf: We have a key race alert right now.
Donald Trump now has reached the
Wolf Blitzer: number of delegates needed to clinch
the Republican Presidential Nomination--
POTUS will not like this.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: I am going to throw up a leg.
♪ ♪
[Female #1]: There is no escaping.
He is the main attraction.
[Female #2]: We're in the middle of
a tied election.
Donald Trump: A lot of people can't win.
They don't know how to win.
The guy's a dick.
Donald Trump: Maybe it's just something you have...
you know, you have the winning gene.
Wolf Blitzer: Wolf: Donald Trump has won in
Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut.
[Male #1]: Who are you going to vote for?
Trump. [giggles]
We need more votes for you ma'am.
Ya think?
I think he'll be an excellent President.
♪ ♪
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Selina: The rule book's been torn up now,
and America is wiping it's nasty ass with it.
Donald Trump: We have to start by building a wall.
Ironically the only affordable
option would be immigrant labor.
Donald Trump: The President of Mexico said,
"They will not--"
Jesus Christ.
Fuck it. Don't endorse.
Donald Trump: Donald: --I said, the wall
just got 10 feet higher.
-Endorse. Endorse. Endorse! Endorse!
-You sure?
I'm telling you, this is not just a crisis.
It's 10 years of Oliver Stone movies.
Not the good ones. Not Platoon.
Donald Trump: We're going to control it,
and that's going to be good for you.
He looks like a Disney villain.
That guy is a weapons-grade retard.
Donald Trump: We have been led by weak people.
Look how teeny-tiny that is.
Donald Trump: I have very strong, very thick skin.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: This is beyond language.
Donald Trump: We are going to make America
greater than it's ever been before.
I got pubic hair on my head.
[laughter is heard]
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: This fuckin' job sucks anyway.