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A sp-ILL advised parody from DoubleTake Blue Bayou Hit’s Back in Response to BP Oil Spill • BLACK AND BLUE BAYOU video released on YouTube • Based on the Roy Orbison and Linda Ronstadt hit song, Blue Bayou • Watch enraging pictures from the gulf oil spill disaster– as DoubleTake takes on BP • Includes a DoubleTake Movie of the Weak TM – "There Will Be Blood...and Oil" with Barack Obama and BP’s CEO Calabasas, CA, July 13, 2010 – DoubleTake Media today announced the release of its newest Pairody™ Parody on BP and the gulf oil disaster, titled “Black and Blue Bayou”. The music video and song are a “Double” take-off of the classic “Blue Bayou” by Roy Orbison and popularized by Linda Ronstadt. A sp-ILL advised parody of the great song, watch as DoubleTake and The British Petroleum Really Sucks Band (AKA The BP Slickers) take aim at the oil industry's disaster in the Gulf. The music video uses graphic images from a variety of sources. It includes another DoubleTake Pairody™ movie poster (called “Movies of the Weak™”) from the famous oil movie, “There Will Be Blood”, which follows “We Will Barack You, Ba Ba Barack”, “The Monster Mash Bash” and “I’m Hillary in ’08, I Am” in a pairody* series by DoubleTake. Other humor can be seen and heard on their website. The music video may also be seen at: Direct YouTube link to video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRftwcHA9HM DoubleTake on YouTube link www.youtube.com/user/doubletakecomedy DoubleTake website link www.doubletake-media.com For editors and producers: DoubleTake Media invites you to visit their website at www.doubletake-media.com . If you would like a WMV version, Flash electronic version, DVD sent to you, or an audio version of the song, we can provide you with a direct link for downloading. Please submit your request directly to doubletakemedia@yahoo.com or call the contact listed below. * Pairody Parody is a trademark of DoubleTake Media and is a wordplay on “pair” due to the twin-factor of DoubleTake. About DoubleTake Media DoubleTake is twin brothers Dave and Dennis Hage. They originally received recognition with the "first" treasure hunt record album: Superstition Gold. DoubleTake has previously written and edited several books, including The Employment Maze. Dennis Hage has been involved with educational technology at both the state and national level (Astronauts Memorial Foundation). Dave was recently Executive Vice President of a $500 million company listed on the NASDAQ and is now the president of an electronics company. DoubleTake Media specializes in management consulting, marketing, entertainment, and training. For more information on DoubleTake, please go to the DoubleTake website at: www.doubletake-media.com .